12 Swoon-Worthy Lesbian Proposals

Last year, we changed our name from How He Asked to How They Asked because we know that loves stories come in all shapes and sizes. From him asking her and her asking him to them asking him and her asking her, the proposal stories that we have the honor of sharing are all unique in their own way. And today, we wanted to share just some of our favorite How She Asked stories. Read on for 12 unique lesbian proposals that make us laugh, give us heart eyes, and reach for the Kleenex all at the same time.

some of our favorite lesbian proposals

Anne and Kiite’s Fake Photoshoot Proposal

Read Anne and Kiite’s Full Story Here

You can smell a proposal coming when a photoshoot gets put on the calendar. So, how do you throw them off? Tell them it’s a modeling gig! See how Anne fooled Kiite and pulled off a unique photoshoot proposal here.

Kendyl and Areli’s Proposal in Peru

Read Kendyl and Areli

When you and your girlfriend love to travel to far-off places, waking her up to catch a bus to the top of Machupicchu can seem like a typical day. But, when you get to the top of one of the world’s most famous destinations and find out that you’ve been carrying the ring that just got put on your finger the entire time? That’s anything but typical. Check out the epic views at the destination proposal here!

Latasha and Sarah’s Art Crawl Proposal

Read LaTasha and Sarah’s Full Story Here

“Babe, I’m going to be featured in an art show!” If those words ever leave your loved one’s lips, your response is obviously something like, “That’s awesome! I can’t wait to go!” We love how LaTasha used this creative white lie as an opportunity to get Sarah exactly where she wanted her—in her art installation proposal spot!


Kate and Sarah’s Paris Proposal Goes Viral on the Ellen Show

Read Kate and Sarah’s Full Story Here

When you’re an LGBTQ activist and your parent’s won’t walk you down the aisle, what do you do? You tweet Ellen DeGeneres and ask if she will! And, when she replies and invites you to be on her show, you enthusiastically say, “Yes!” all over again! See more of this viral proposal story here.

Brittney and Wendy’s Lakeside Proposal

Read Brittney and Wendy’s Full Story Here

“For the absolute longest, Wendy kept talking about Lake Louise. How she thought it was beautiful and how she just needed to go one day.” We love that Brittney made her girlfriend’s Lake Louise dreams come true—and coordinated to have photographers there to capture it all. See the stunning photos they took here!

Regina and Lisana Propose Amongst the Pyramids

Read Lisana and Regina’s Full Story Here

Lisana decided to pop the question on a trip to Mexico City to visit Regina’s family. “I had already decided the year we met that I was going to take her back to the pyramids to propose because it was a very special experience the first time we went and its the place we made our eternal commitment to spend the rest of our lives together.” But, what would an international proposal be without thinking you lost your passport, a cancelled photographer, and being paranoid that you’ll lose the ring? Read all about this Mexico City proposal in the pyramids (and how Lisana pulled it off)!

Beonca and Cierra Get Engaged at a Starbucks

Read Beonca and Cierra’s Full Story Here

“I told her we were going to a Great Gatsby themed wedding and I asked her friends to meet us at Starbucks. We walked in and she was so surprised. She hadn’t seen a few of her friends in months because of the distance. When she finally stopped hugging everyone, she turned around to find me on one knee.” Watch this unique proposal go down here!

Jess and Paulina’s “I Knew it was Coming” Proposal

Read Jess and Paulina’s Full Story Here

Great things are worth the wait—even when you put them on a 3-year timeline. Jess and Paulina knew that they would get engaged and, even after some fooled-you-it’s-not-happening-right-now moments, it was still a tearjerker proposal.

Emily and Kaitlyn’s Graduation Gift Proposal

Read Emily and Kaitlyn’s Full Story Here

When you and your your longtime girlfriend are counting down the days until college graduation, is there a better gift than an engagement ring?! With the help of some friends, see how Kaitlyn pulled off a college campus proposal here!

Dawn and Kim’s Surprise Proposal in Greece

Read Dawn and Kim’s Full Story Here

If there is anything more romantic than a sunset dinner on a Greek Cliffside overlooking the ocean, please let us know! We love how Dawn planned to propose while on a 30th birthday trip to Greece with Kim and pulled off engagement photoshoot on top of it! See the view (and the ring) here.

Kristina and Neesy’s Los Angeles Skyline Proposal

Read Kristina and Neesy’s Full Story Here

Getting engaged with the California sunset in the background is great, but make it a surprise proposal surrounded by family and friends and you’ve got something really special. Watch Neesy pop the question in front of their loved ones here!

Soyria and Iajhaih’s Fake Photoshoot Turned Real Proposal

Read Soyria and Iajhiah’s Full Story Here

We’ve seen a surprise proposal or two in our day, but going through the trouble of faking emails? That’s a new one! Watch how Soyria came up with the idea and executed her proposal without a hitch here!

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