Lebryna and Holly

how we met

We met online in 2013. We actually only lived 45 miles apart for our entire lives before that. When we finally met… it was like everything was finally perfect. Like our story was one for the books.

how they asked

I asked my brother to make a movie of all of our experiences together and clips from our favorite movies. At the end he put a line that said “Holly I must AXE you a question…” (we were out throwing axes, and this was supposed to be set up like a training video for that). She turned to face me, and the rest was history!

Credit those who helped (name, how they helped, website): Amanda Garrett—set up the scene by going to the axe throwing place and downloading that video. Christian Rivera—creating the video that changed our lives forever.

Special Thanks

Charleston Photo Art LLC
 | Photography
Diamonds Direct
 | Jewelry
Hampton Park
 | Venue