Lauren and Taylor

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How We Met

When Taylor was in 3rd grade and I was in 7th grade. We went to different elementary schools and that made us in all sports rivals! Cross Country was the main sport we did together! She says her first memory of me was me handing her a bag of carrots with only two carrots left in the bag, the only reason I gave her it was so she could throw away the bag! I don’t remember it that way of course!! As you can see the arguing and flirting started at a very young age! Our elementary schools joined once we got to high school she was a freshman and I was a senior, finally, we got to be on the same team!!

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One day after cross country practice I saw her standing, waiting for her mom. I felt bad for her, she was all alone so I decided to give her a ride! Turns out that was the best thing I ever did! Turns out we like the same music, sports, jokes, etc…we became instant besties! I told her that I can give her a ride home every day! Think about what you tell your high school best friend! Yes, absolutely everything! Starting with boys to grades, to getting in trouble and more! You share pretty much your world with this person! We were more than friends, we always had a relationship was so different than anyone else… Little did I know what that was going to mean in the future!

I went off to college was still hang out with Taylor. Every time I took her somewhere I pretended like she was my age and everyone believed it. Once she went to college we kind of went our separate ways. I moved to Florida to start a new adventure. One day I got a phone call from Taylor saying that she was thinking about possibly going to USF !!! At this point I’d already lived in Florida for over a year, I didn’t have a ton of friends here so I was thrilled that she would possibly be moving to Florida with me! She became the reason I stayed in Florida. (Friends at the time)

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When she came to visit it was my sought out goal to make sure she absolutely fell in love with Florida so she would move here. Little did I know I was getting her to fall in love with me! ….SHE MOVED!!! We moved into our 1st apartment together! She made me dinners, had girls nights, fights, laughs and cries…she had become my other half. We both had other relationships but always put each other first.

I knew she was dating a girl, I could tell how scared she was to tell me…I’ll never forget the day that she came out to me, she was terrified! Although when she did she became more herself that I’d ever seen her in my whole life! I think I was secretly attracted to the confidence that she endured through the next few years we lived together!

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A couple years went by…We had become closer than any two friends could’ve ever been we told each other absolutely everything! Hopes, dreams, fears, joys, fights, and other relationships, nothing was a secret! She always put me first no matter what, and in my mind, I always just thought “that’s how best friends are supposed to be.” As time went on and Taylor grew up, she started to become more attracted to me, don’t they always say you should marry your best friend!

(We were both single)

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The day had come…I wanted to tell Taylor how I felt!!! I told my business partner how I felt, she said finally, and make sure you don’t ruin your friendship! Which was my main fear!!! Everyone always saw it…guess I just never wanted to lose what we had as friends! A couple weeks went past, I was trying to drop her hints how I felt and finally, Taylor put on her big girl pants and asked if she could kiss me. At that moment I knew my life changed forever! It was the best kiss I have ever had in my whole life. I knew I was kissing my future! There was no looking back. And I know she felt the same, I always know how she feels without saying a word. Over the next few months, our relationship grew and was better than ever! We had our share of fights but I’ve never wanted to work on a relationship as hard as I have wanted to work on anything in my whole life. Surprisingly it was very easy working through issues. No one is perfect but I would rather fight with her every single day then never have her in my life!

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How They Asked

I booked an elopement shoot with Brittany and Leo from Rad Red photography, We have grown to be great friends with them as well. Taylor is the most likable, outgoing, personable, friend one could ever have. Naturally, she became friends with them as well! Behind my back, she planned my whole engagement without me knowing a single thing. When we get to Arizona for the shoot, Taylor wasn’t being strange until I wanted to get something out of her backpack. She had the ring in it, I thought she was hiding a small cute gift.

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Finally, the day was here, Taylor was acting very strange that day. I still didn’t think anything of it.

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How they planned it: Taylor asked Brittany and Leo if they would pretend to do a styled shoot with Taylor and me at the Grand Canyon, so I agreed and was so excited! I even picked out our outfits to match! I didn’t know I was planning my own engagement outfits!! When we arrive at the Grand Canyon we meet Brittany and Leo and start to walk down the trail, Leo starts taking photos. A couple minutes into the shoot Leo says “OK ladies money shot.” Taylor starts to go to her knee…so I start to go to mine because I just assumed she knew what the “money shot” meant!

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Then I realize she has a small black box and her hand!! “Wait a minute what,” I thought to myself! Taylor started speaking…at that moment I knew it was happening and couldn’t even hear what she was saying. Luckily Brittany and Leo were there to capture every single moment! I said yes OF COURSE! Now I get to spend the rest of my life with not only my best friend but someone who was under my nose my entire life!

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When we return to Florida, Taylor made a couple comments about how she didn’t have a ring and that “she” wasn’t engaged, only I was. (Lol). We had a couple same-sex friends that have proposed to each other, Taylor thought it was cute. You can guess what she wanted…so I started planning. I was going to take a knee at a Rays game, I got the ring in and was ready to do it. We share everything, keep in mind my phone went off and I was talking to my soon to be sister-in-law about what I was going to do… Guess who accidentally saw it, Taylor!

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She had ruined my idea for a proposal. It worked out for the best because I pulled off my first idea and proposing in a photo booth. It was more of a surprise and the photo booth captured it on video! She was so excited and happy! I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Now we’re both engaged and the hardest choice we have to make is what date we are going to get married. I told her I don’t care as long as I get to spend the rest of my life with her. We think elopement sounds pretty fabulous. Can’t wait to spend my forever with her! Not the end because our story has just begun…

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Special Thanks

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