Lauren and Sigrid

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nevis valley, Cromwell

How We Met

I’m from New Zealand and Lauren’s from the UK. We both decided to leave our respective countries back in 2014 to study a month long TESOL course in Thailand during the October intake (we’re both teachers). Once we graduated the TESOL course, we got placed in different locations. I was placed in the south and she was placed just out of Bangkok. It was a 9 hour train ride from the railway station in my tiny village to her place but somehow we kept it up most weekends. To make the journey worthwhile, we often ended up taking the night trains, arriving home at either end around 5am on Monday morning and headed off to teach our noisy boisterous kindergarteners at 8am. After about 8 or so months, Lauren’s contract ended and a position opened at my school so she made the move down the country. Since then we’ve come a long way! 2 rabbits later, a year in NZ and 2 years teaching in Hong Kong- here we are. It’s unreal to think if we hadn’t both decided to take the leap to leave our old lives behind and fly to Thailand for the same TESOL course then we might never have crossed paths.

How They Asked

We planned a 6 week road trip around NZ from the top at Cape Reinga to the bottom at Bluff, up the east and down the west. I told lauren I had a surprise for her on a specific date and as that date got closer she got a little more curious. We live that travel life and it’s full of unexpected adventures so I knew i wanted to do something out of the box but still private. I hired a helicopter charter flight from Cromwell, which had a snow top landing on the the crown range of one of the surrounding mountains. I was so nervous but when I plucked up the courage to get down on one knee and I saw her face, I knew I had made the perfect decision. The helicopter company helped to made the occasion even more magical by subtly photographing the moments, and even pulling out a bottle of champagne when she said yes!

Special Thanks

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