Lauren and Nikkie

Lauren's Proposal in Fort DuPont, Delaware

How We Met

We met on tinder! We spent a month sending novels to each other all day every day. I fell in love with her before we even met in person. When we finally had our first date, we ended up spending the whole day together & then hanging out the whole next day!

How They Asked

My beautiful fiancé took me & a friend to ‘our spot’ – Fort DuPont in Delaware City. We used to spend a lot of time there when we first started dating – just poking around and sitting on the roof while getting to know each other. It was Friday the 13th – one of our favorite days. We had planned to take creepy pictures together, not outside the norm for us. At least that’s what I thought. I turned around and she started coming towards me – instant tears.

Where to Propose in Fort DuPont, Delaware

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Fort DuPont, Delaware

She got down on one knee and said: “would you just like marry me please?” She was so nervous but still polite. Lol. For what seemed like hours I was finally able to choke back my happy tears and get a yes out. All the whole our friend is taking pictures, video, and has champagne ready to celebrate!