Lauren and Katelyn

How We Met

Back in 2014, Katelyn was searching for a healthier lifestyle and introduced to Lauren at New Life Nutrition in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Lauren became Katelyn’s wellness coach with Herbalife Nutrition and that is how the friendship began. Over time, Lauren became not only a coach, but a confidant and good friend. The friendship later evolved into a romance in June of 2015. Since then, Lauren and Katelyn have lived together in Fall River, Massachusetts before moving to Lauren’s hometown of North Providence, Rhode Island. They adore their purrfect family members Frankie and Merlin.

How They Asked

It was the morning of the New Bedford Half Marathon. Everything was prepared for the run and I was putting on my blue tu-tu, which had become a tradition in supporting Team Owen. A phone call came from our dear friend Kim, stating that she was stranded on the side of the road with car troubles and needed Lauren to come to the rescue. Without hesitation, I let Lauren go tend to Kim, and headed to New Bedford for the race. Lauren met me there with our friends the Barreira family. Photos were taken and at 11am, the race began. I ran with my friend Ken, who kept us on pace through the 13.1 race. The temperatures were in the 40’s and there was a mean head wind that was at least 30 mph from mile 9-11. The last thing on my mind was any type of proposal.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New Bedford Half Marathon

I didn’t think anything of the fact that Ken kept looking at his phone and texting as we approached the end of mile 12. I just wanted to finish the grueling race and hopefully beat my personal record As I crossed the finish line, I feel like this part is so clear and yet a blur at the same time. They had a long corral set up after the finish line, and all I wanted to do was get to the end and grab my medal. I recall hearing my name being called and I turned around back towards the finish line. The race announcer told me a friend wanted to play a song for me. I still had no clue what was going on, and couldn’t hear the song clearly at first. Lauren then appeared with a black foam sign and time stopped and I thought to myself, “This is that moment that you wait for your whole life.” If you’ve seen the video, my facial expressions speak louder than words. I don’t remember what Lauren said, but I can only assume there were words pertaining asking me to marry her. The sign helped by stating, “Will you be my other 13.1?” Very nice work on the runners pun. The rest of the day was filled with well wishes and great friends. We then traveled to my parents house, which I will point out, the first question I asked Lauren after the proposal was if she asked my parents. The answer was yes.

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