Lauren and Alissa

Lauren and Alissa's Engagement in Ozark, Arkansas

How We Met

I met my fiancé at a hospital, we ended up working in the same department. Alissa was a medical assistant who had previously been employed there for a year, its funny she was actually in a relationship at the time we met. The first day I arrived on the unit a couple of co-workers told Alissa a hot new nurse was on the floor and she went running. I actually remember seeing her come around the corner and turn around and RUN the other way. That was in July, the first time she ever actually spoke to me was in December. We had a few conversations at work and on slow days she always found a way to be around me and pull a conversation out of me! Our biggest bonding factor, in the beginning, was BuzzFeed! We did every quiz and I always found a way to subtly flirt with her. After about a month she slipped me her Snapchat name and added me, she had the cutest excuse to give me her number through Snapchat “because she was giving up social media for lint”, which only lasted about a week(haha). February she asked me out for pizza and dessert, and that was the way to my heart! Anyone who knows me knows that sweets are the way to my heart, the rest is history!

How They Asked

I, Lauren, am really hard to buy for. I never want anything because I’m not a materialistic person so Alissa for Valentine’s day rented a cute Airbnb in Arkansas and we road tripped from Dallas! She woke me up at 6 am Friday and made me get ready and hop in the car. I had no idea where we were going and she finally told me when we crossed the Oklahoma border that my gift was another state crossed off our list to visit! She planned everything to the T, with the food and even packed all of our clothes all by herself (crying face). Sunday morning came along and off to the Ozark mountains we went to. Needless to say, it was 20 degrees out and raining the whole time we were driving. Then arriving at the hiking spot I had no idea what we were even hiking to see but off we went in the pouring rain. Alissa claimed that it was a mile walk but it definitely turned out to be three roundtrips! We got to this beautiful outlook and Alissa ran off to set up her camera on a tripod. Nothing out of the normal for us because we take a million pictures, but when she came back she was pacing back and forth and getting SUPER close to the edge of this huge outlook.

She turned around started telling me how much I meant to her and dropped down to one knee. It was so cold that I swear my tears froze on the way out of my eyes, and I was frozen like a statue. Alissa was so nervous she grabbed the wrong hand and tried to put the ring on the right instead of the left. Her excuse is that I’ve always made her nervous but it was hands down the best moment of her life (and mine)!