LaTasha and Sarah

How We Met

LaTasha and I matched on Tinder the first time in the summer of 2018, but neither of us messaged the other so nothing came from it.

I matched with LaTasha again in December and she initiated the conversation. We kept messaging back and forth then all of a sudden, I don’t hear from her for a whole week! I wasn’t sure if she was busy or not interested so I followed up with a message saying that I would bring my dog on the date if that helped my chances.

We laughed, she apologized, and I got her number!

A week later we met and had an amazing date. We had an instant and deep connection that on the second day of knowing LaTasha, she joked that “we might as well get married.”

After this, we both just sort of knew we were perfect for each other!

How They Asked

LaTasha had me believe she was in a local art show so I was surprised, to say the least!

She told me a few weeks prior that she was asked to show some of her work in the Germantown Art Crawl for an “end-of-year event.” LaTasha had inquired about being in the art crawl before, so I was very excited that she finally got this chance!

During the week leading up to the proposal, LaTasha convinced me to dress up for the art crawl by saying they were having some type of formal Christmas party in the back for just the artists and significant others.

I don’t have many casual dresses, so she bought six different dresses that week so I would wear one of them to the art crawl. There’s an upcoming wedding for one of my family members and we are the same size, so I didn’t think much of it.

She even came home with four bottles of champagne, but I still didn’t suspect anything!

While LaTasha was “setting up her art,” she was really at the Germantown Art Crawl creating this space for the proposal. She hung the canvas backdrop, draped the lights and tulle, and sewed the neon LOVE sign into the back.

She came back to get ready and we walked over to the art crawl. Once we got there, I thought we were going straight back to where her art was hung but we were stopped by this woman who asked us to take a couple of photos.

Where to Propose in During the Germantown Art Crawl in Germantown, Nashville, TN

The woman, Bri, was actually a photographer LaTasha had hired to play along and capture the moment! I thought it was strange that we kept taking prom-like photos but indulged anyway. At one point, Bri asked us to turn back to back and that’s when LaTasha bent down to grab the ring she had hidden.

When I noticed LaTasha wasn’t standing anymore, I thought “what the hell are you doing?” All at the same time, I noticed her friend video recording so I turned around to see LaTasha down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas During the Germantown Art Crawl in Germantown, Nashville, TN

Once I realized what was going on, she asked: “will you be my wife?” I was very surprised! I said, “of course” and we put the ring on.

Then after all this, my closest friends rushed in to congratulate us!! LaTasha had asked them to come into town to surprise me.

She got me good!

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