Lakeysha and Morgan

How We Met

We have known one another for over a decade. Our eyes have been locked on each other since the first time we met. The universe needed us to mature, understand and fully fold into who we were almost two years ago, it was then we made our relationship official. We came to one another curious, excited, but broken. From all of the things, we were avoiding, and all of the things we wanted to accomplish- life seemed dimmed. We both were years into our careers and we wanted more. Lakeysha and I connected through our past, our future wants and where we stood that day. Our small encounters turned into being with each other almost every single day. We were in awe of each other. I know myself- I was smitten with her presence. She made me feel- in every sense of the word. After the first few dates, I knew indefinitely that this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Life without her felt boring and gray. So even in the small instance of us spending time together, it felt like the world lit up.

Still today I feel this feeling. We wake up excited and happy to be with one another. We have a very giving relationship and every second count. I have never met anyone who was capable of loving on the same energy level as me. All of the quirks, and insecurities I had turned to sand when we got together.

Finding Lakeysha was a blessing. Our love is strong, kind, and passionate. Our love burns within one another. Because of this, we have conquered mountains together. We have merged our lives together with backlash, losing family members, and even friends. We have been burdened with those who disapprove of our union and still- we rise. Our love is a different kind of love than I’m sure you are used to. We truly love each other with no expectation, with only purity and innocence. We miss one another throughout our work days, to passionately return home to one another. Its almost like our love is not real it’s so true. It could bring me to tears thinking about how far my love goes for her. She has completely changed me for the better and there is nothing in this world that would take me away from her. And from this feeling alone- I know that we are absolutely meant to be with one another.

On 7/10/17 she came in with a dozen beautiful yellow roses, a full heart, and an open mind. We decided on that day, on the couch of an old cottage, in the blistering Denver heat, that T H I S is what we wanted our life to look like. Both being far from perfect, we gave each other a promised commitment to stand with one another through the blisters this world has to offer. In hopes that maybe, just maybe or love is strong enough to conquer it all. That day (7/10) will always smell like yellow roses, and fierce, wild love.
So, we share these pictures with you, of all the love we can muster up to let others know that this kind of love is possible.

How They Asked

The week before Christmas Eve, my then girlfriend and I decided that it may be time for us to finally have professional photos taken. I didn’t know it then- but at this time, Lakeysha was planning for the most memorable Christmas Eve yet.

Months before this- we went ring shopping just to see what a few of our options would be. We gained knowledge of cuts, colors, carats etc. We were unsure of how we wanted to execute our wedding. If we wanted one another to propose, big wedding, small wedding etc. In short- we knew we wanted to be with each other for the rest of our lives, we just didn’t know how to execute in a way that both of us would get what we wanted out of it.

Fast forward to the month of December- we decide to get professional photos taken by D at River & Root Photography. We decided to have an outdoor shoot at Lost Gulch Look Out in Boulder. Though I had my suspicions of why the photo shoot was scheduled so quickly- I was excited to have memories to share. We wind up a mountain and get to our destination right at the break of day, almost 6:30 am. We wait for the sun to start to rise and our shoot begins. We brought with us two outfits for the occasion and we were equipped with layers and extra jackets to help with the chill. As we get through our photos D tells us, “Maybe we should do an outfit change!”

Lakeysha is rummaging around her jacket, putting things down, putting a thing up and taking her time to get to our cue point to end this last set of photos to then change. With the Rockies in the background covered with lush green trees, I am waiting for Lakeysha to get to me on this rock that is overlooking the Boulder Beauties. I wait for what seemed like hours with the chill- and as I turn around to figure out why my girlfriend is taking so long and Lakeysha dropped down to one knee, pulled out a little brown box, and asked, “Will you marry me?” I was caught completely by surprise and immediately, my eyes well up with tears, I have frogs in my throat and all I could say is, “YES.” She slips the 52 diamonds on my ring finger and the entire world stopped. I was beyond surprised, terrified, and full of joy. Surprised because of course, she pulled this off without me knowing, terrified because I wanted this so bad with her and it’s actually happening, and elated with joy because I wouldn’t want these moments with anyone else in the world.

Lakeysha has been so gracious to allow me to walk with her as her partner. On that day, and every single day after we decided to spend our lives together, I felt nothing but sheer luck to have this kind of love. And now to be able to show the world that our love matters because it is just as real as any other… this was a huge moment for us. For so long we have been told for one reason or another that we aren’t deserving of the most natural, kind emotion that we as children begin as, LOVE.

It is unexplainable. To feel recognized, worthy, deserving, and whole. Thank you for keeping me whole Keysha- you’ve opened up the universe to its core for me, and I get to be your Wife. How lucky I feel every day.

Christmas Eve marks the first day, of the rest of our lives.

Special Thanks

D Fritz
 | Photographer