Laiken and Brittney

Image 1 of Laiken and Brittney

How We Met

Brittney and I met on bumble… The online dating gods and stars all aligned because we were truly meant to be! Our first date was at a food truck event in the milk district in Orlando (where we live) and we have been inseparable ever since! We are kindred spirits and hold kindness in the highest regard. We’re sure that we’ve been in love in a past life- it’s undeniable!

How They Asked

We knew really early on that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together- and secretively were planning our proposals at the same time! Bless both our families for keeping both of our secrets and not blowing it knowing we were both planning big thangs! It was super sweet to know that both of our families were involved in the planning of both proposals! I proposed to Brittney in the middle of a sunflower field in Clermont with all our families hiding in the surrounding trees including her parents and brother who flew down from Tennessee to be there! Britt proposed to me just a week later on our one year anniversary trip to Colorado where she had arranged for someone to setup the cutest Bohemian picnic in a park surrounded by the mountains in Boulder at sunset…. All while secretively having our families watching on Instagram live! It’s truly been the most amazing year of our lives full of so much love and laughter despite the hurdles and struggles this past year has held for the world. we’ve had each other and that has brought us peace and joy! We only want to ever bring each other and others happiness- and always work together to make that a reality. We like to say our foundation is strong and our love is sweet!