Krysta and Jordyn

How We Met

In high school my freshman year, Jordyns Junior Year, on the soccer field.

How they asked

Jo bought my engagement ring in February 2018 but did not per pros in till May 2018. She had it all planned out with my best friend Connie, That had moved to Wisconsin and I have not seen any while. So we made the eight hour car ride with two dogs in the car (which was a lot of fun NOT) and I had no idea where we were going. After sitting in the car for five hours, while texting Connie while she was acting like she had no clue where we were going, I saw a sign for Wisconsin, and immediately knew we were going to see Connie and I thought that was my big surprise! Well I was wrong!

We went to this beautiful state park to go on a nice walk and catch up on pictures because Connie told me she got a new Lens for her camera (Which was not true) and once we got to this beautiful area where the sun was just shining so perfectly, I turned around a Jo was down on one knee holding this BEAUTIFUL ring, asking me to forever be her wife. With tears running down my face, completely shocked I SAID YES! Jo was planning this for some time. She just wanted it to be perfect and it was! Definitely a time in my life I will NEVER forget!