Kristine and Gloria

I met Gloria through an online dating app, I was browsing around and did not realized my location settings covered United States as I am a Canadian. I stumbled upon her profile and I REMEMBER her MAIN picture, she looked refined, alluring, intriguing and she’s from Oakland – San Francisco. She had this floral dress with pearls on. It’s like that Lucy Lu/Connie Chung back in her prime days – type of swagger….hahaha! So I was definitely interested!

The first thing that struck me about Gloria is that she has a smile that can illuminate a room and the cutest dimples.

At first, I thought I WOULDN’T BE HER TYPE so I’ve decided not to message her but, she could see that I viewed her profile and if I’m her type, she will surely let me know. The reason that I didn’t think I was her type is because I had a picture of me in my Muay Thai / Boxing gear and my motorcycle so I was thinking I might be too extra for her. LOL

Minutes passed and her message came through…”OMG you’re Canadian! I love Canadians!!!!” and that was her pick-up line.

As soon as Gloria messaged me, I replied and said something stupid – like if we were elephants, I would swing my trunk to show dominance amongst the herd so you will notice me (gosh lol). Then we started talking every day from then on. Months passed after chatting and I’ve asked her to visit me in Calgary. The rest is history!

She is my best friend and the love of my life. We have travelled and shared plenty of adventures together. Gloria have shown me the real definition of innocent love, unconditional love and selfless love. Amidst all the chaos in our lives and the distance between us, I look at her and I feel home.

On January 14, 2018, I told her that I will have my company’s anniversary party in Banff, Canada. She flew to Calgary from San Francisco then we had our “spa day”. We had a complete and fun makeover before heading off to Banff for my “company’s party”. I drove to Banff with my unsuspecting future fiance. Just before we reached Banff, I told her that we have a little detour – a surprise. I blindfolded her and I drove into a secluded area – Vermillion Lake. I parked my truck and helped her out the vehicle. The violinist started playing Salut D’amour as I held her hand and guided her to the dock. I finally took off her blindfold and to her surprise there was rose petals on the snow, a violinist, my siblings, my bestfriend, a full camera crew, the pristine rockies as a backdrop and my dog with a sign “Will you be my 2nd mommy?”. Then I poured out the reasons why I love her and got on my knee…she said yes!

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