Kristina and Neesy

How We Met

We met a little over 6 years ago on Instagram, waaaaay before DMs were a thing, and you’d have to shamelessly flirt on a picture for everyone to see! We kept up the Insta-flirting for a few weeks before we exchanged numbers, and from the first conversation, our chemistry and connection was undeniable. The only downside was I was in California, she was in New York. We went from daily (& overnight) Skype sessions, to finally meeting in person twice. Kristina moved to Los Angeles 6 months after we started talking because we realized the physical distance was the only thing holding us back from our truest potential. For the last 6 years, we’ve been best friends, we’ve traveled the world together and we truly make one another insanely happy. We hype one another up no matter how ugly the dancing, how bad the singing (her) or how tough of a position we feel we’re in. I’ve known early on I wanted to spend my life with her, but it was about giving her a proposal she deserved. Together we thrive, and I can’t wait to see where life takes us, and how much deeper our love goes!

How They Asked

Neesy said she was going to have to leave for work one Saturday morning to train people from their east coast offices, and knew that I was super bummed out about it because my family was in town visiting (little did I know they were here for the proposal). She told me that she’d have something planned for us that night to make it up to me, and to just be ready by a certain time. She texted me the address so we could Uber to her. I didn’t realize what was happening until I got to the Skyspace Building in downtown Los Angeles and when it did hit me, I couldn’t wait to see Neesy fast enough!

Kristina and Neesy's Engagement in Sky space LA, Los Angeles Ca

Where to Propose in Sky space LA, Los Angeles Ca

As if it weren’t enough she got my mom and grandma to fly out to California to be a part of this, she had her family and all our closest friends make the drive to be there, as well as two of my best friends from back home on FaceTime. Everything was so thought out, the place, the songs, the candles, roses, sunset… it still feels surreal. But her smile throughout it all was my favorite view!

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