Kristina and Danielle

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How We Met

I had just returned from a life rejuvenating trip to Montana. I had made the commitment to myself that I wanted to be happy when I returned back to NH and be my full self. I had struggled with coming out and accepting myself. When I got back from vacation I switched my Bumble account to female. I had matched with Danielle and I remember thinking, “OMG… she swiped for me too?” It was late at night and I remember getting a message, but telling myself that if it was meant to be it would still be there in the morning. As soon as I woke up I messaged her back. I remember she gave me her number without the area code. Being new to NH I remember freaking out wondering if she’d reply back with her area code. SHE DID! We talked every day starting Aug 29, 2018. Something just felt different, we were so honest and transparent with one another. We didn’t lie or try to be anything we weren’t. On September 3rd after talking for a full week straight we finally met. We went out for Margaritas and talked for hours. I remember not being sure how she thought the date was going and then when she went to the bathroom she grabbed my leg to give me a sign she was also digging it. I walked her to her car (which was parked directly behind mine – lol) and kissed her. It was the best first kiss ever!!! As soon as she left she started driving the wrong way! (Guess she liked it too!). After a few minutes past, she texted me, “You’re amazing.” 9 days later, I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. We have been inseparable ever since.

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How They Asked

I had told Danielle that I had a special day planned for us on Saturday, July 25. She works every other weekend so we get busy so fast sometimes! I knew I had to pre-book this day for us so we wouldn’t take any other plans that day. On the morning of, I told her that I was taking her to a late brunch and I wanted us to dress nice and do our hair. She might have been slightly alarmed, but she went with it. We went out for brunch and had the best time eating and drinking mimosas. After brunch, we went to a local park where I had purchased a brick saying “I love you more. KB + DR 9.12.2018”. I told her I got the brick so we’d always have a special memory in the first town we ever lived together in. From there, we walked around the park a little bit until she started to get hot and uttered, “I think I have to put my hair up.” I’m pretty sure a squeal came out of my mouth so I quickly panicked and said, “NO” and brought her back to the car.

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We went back to the apartment to sit in the A/C and watched Kissing Booth 2. I then got up to touch myself up and told her I was going to quickly walk the dogs and she was to stay right on the couch. I sprinted downstairs, loaded the dogs in the car and was greeted by her younger sister Lindsay. I gave her sister two purple boxes (Danielle was about to find out she was about to go on a scavenger hunt). I then sprinted back upstairs, opened the door, and threw a note in the apartment, and ran back to my car. The first note was instructing Danielle to get ready and that her ride would be downstairs in 15 minutes. She thought her sister was working so she was very surprised to see her sister being her ride!

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Her sister handed her one of the purple boxes. Inside, was a letter that instructed Danielle to head to our first date location. That brought her to Margaritas! At Margarita’s was her best friend Lauren and Laurens’s daughter, Lexi. They handed her the next purple box that told Danielle to go to the first place I told her I loved her. That brought her to her old apartment where she was greeted by her other two friends Jenny and Bree. They handed her another purple box that instructed Danielle to go to her favorite place. THIS is where the proposal was going to happen.

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Danielle absolutely loves the Franklin Dam, it is filled with so many memories for her. As soon as she took me there I knew it’d be the best place to add one more memory! When Danielle and her sister arrived they walked to the end of the dam where I was standing with our two dogs, Marty and Joey. I had a little set up already situated for the proposal.

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I then asked her to spend the rest of her life with me and handed her a Toy Story themed ring box (her favorite movie). She said YES!!! I handed her a ring I had custom made for her and we were lucky enough to have the whole thing photographed! After the photoshoot, we headed to her sister-in-laws place where we were greeted by close friends and family to celebrate! Her sister-in-law had the cutest set up created and it was a magical night! I showed a video I had made documenting the whole process so Danielle could see!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
Gary Roe
 | Ring Designer