Kristin and Angela

How We Met

Tinder, first date at a bar – had no intention to make us more than a hookup, but here we are!

How They Asked

Okay, well let me give you a little backstory as to why I decided to propose. Both of us being women, we always got the question…who will propose to who? It was always funny to us how interested people are about certain aspects of our relationship but their questions sparked our own conversation on the matter and after talking about it, Angela told me she really wanted to be the one to propose. One day while having lunch with a friend of mine she asked me what my perfect proposal would be. I told her that my dream is pretty much impossible but if she really wants to know then here it is…I told her that if I had it my way Angela would propose to me and I would be able to give her a ring right back in that moment.

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I had said that she deserves to know how much I want to commit to her just as she does to me. My friend laughed and said how are you going to do that, jokingly asking if I’m going to just carry around a ring at all times…I told her that I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t just going to carry a ring around with me everywhere I went and that I didn’t want to know when Angela was doing it because I love surprises. Months passed by since that conversation and I began falling more and more for Angela. We decided to book a trip to Vegas for February 2019 and while we are out there we plan to visit the Grand Canyon. It was right around Thanksgiving that we were finalizing our plans for our trip when I decided that if she hasn’t proposed by February then I am going to do it in Vegas. So I sent my brother-in-law a message and told him that I am ready to buy a ring. I sent him the setting that I wanted and we started the process of picking a diamond. Meanwhile, we are in the middle of planning another trip but this one is to NYC a week before Christmas to experience the city during the holiday season.

Kristin's Proposal in Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

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Finally, I decided on a ring and made the purchase. This was Wednesday, Dec.12th and as soon as I agreed to buy it I had this urge…almost more like this NEED to give it to her. In my mind I know it’s too soon as she made me promise to let her propose first but something inside me just couldn’t wait any longer…I wanted to marry her. So I asked my brother-in-law when the ring would arrive in the mail (I was having it sent to her parents’ house) and he told me around Tuesday of next week (which would’ve been days after the NYC trip). After hearing the tone in my voice he asked what was wrong and I told him that it’s not a big deal but if the ring arrived in time then I was going to propose in NYC that weekend. He told me that he could make it happen and that he thought that was a great idea! So, the jewelry store had the ring for Angela sized Thursday morning and sent Thursday afternoon to arrive by Friday! I told myself if it didn’t arrive in time then I would wait and stick to my original plan of doing it while we were in Vegas at the Grand Canyon during our February trip.

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As the hours passed I was having a moral dilemma…I thought that maybe I was making a mistake by pushing up the engagement because she had been so adamant about me waiting for her. I knew she was probably saving for a ring but she had made certain comments that made me sure it wasn’t happening any time soon, I did, however, think that it could possibly happen in Vegas. As I went back and forth on convincing myself yes and then go back and forth…I needed a sign. It seemed silly but I just needed something to make me feel like I was doing the right thing. I was so excited to propose, but I didn’t want her to be upset that I didn’t stick to what we agreed upon. I did, however, want her to have the proposal of her dreams just like she wanted me to have mine. I reached in my wallet pulled out a quarter and said okay universe, I need a sign. Heads I propose this weekend in NYC and tails I wait. I flip…it’s heads…I smile and decide that I need more…best 2 out of 3. I flip again…it’s heads again…my smile grew bigger and say what the hell…I flip the third time and it’s heads and jump right up and decide right then and there I am going to propose. I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

Kristin and Angela's Engagement in Gapstow Bridge, Central Park

The next day I wake up and pick up the ring that arrived that morning from her parents and asks them for their blessing to marry their daughter. They gave me a huge hug and welcomed me to the family and they wished me luck. I leave and that’s when I reached out to a friend of mine, Tiffany, and told her about my plan and she mentioned a photographer, Suess Moments, who could potentially photograph the proposal. This is less than 24 hours until it goes down- so time was ticking. Miranda from Suess Moments reached out to me right away after Tiffany sent her my contact info. Since I wasn’t familiar with NYC, I figured I’d go with her recommendations. We came up with a plan. Miranda would show up at the Plaza Hotel with her photographer gear and all and text me when she was ready as Angela and I walked around the area sightseeing. At this point, Angela was ready to go back to the hotel room but I kept stalling her to stick around.

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When Miranda was ready, she texted me her location and what she was wearing- she walked passed me and I had my phone out and stopped her and asked, “Hi! Do you know where this place is?” showing her The Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. She replied, “Yes! So weird, I am heading over there too for an engagement shoot- I can show you!”. Because I didn’t want to make it come off suspicious to Angela, I asked Miranda to take out a photo in front of the Plaza Hotel (only because I acted like I wanted to see it so bad lol). We walked over to Central Park and had small talk with Miranda and she pointed to the bridge and a great spot for photos.

Before she (acted like she was leaving) could actually leave and say formal goodbyes to head to her said “engagement shoot”…Angela, decided to ask Miranda, “Can you take a photo of us (with her cell phone) over there?” Miranda agreed and walked us over to the perfect non-crowded spot. Angela hands her phone to Miranda and takes a few photos. As Miranda hands the phone back to Angela, she requested one more and that’s when I get the best surprise…(WTF) Angela, whips out a box with a ring!!! And then, Miranda, our photographer, got confused and thought she got the wrong girl that hired her and then, so I collected my thoughts after what I thought the impossible had just happened and stepped back to get on one shaking knee and propose to Angela right back….

Want to know what the craziest part is? Both my brother and Angela’s parents KNEW the entire time and Angela was planning to propose at Rockefeller center in front of the tree but it was so crowded that she decided not to. I kept talking about Central Park all day to get her excited about going so as we were walking to the Plaza Hotel to meet up with the secret photographer she had decided she was going to do it at the park!

Still shocked..but oh my gosh- I got my dream proposal that I truly believed was impossible and Angela got her dream to ask me first. Every time I tell the story I get chills because I just can’t believe how it all worked out. We asked my brother-in-law which one of us reached out to him first and he said he honestly doesn’t know because it was so close to each other. We must have just known it was the right time!

Special Thanks

Miranda Suess
 | Photographer