Krista and Beth

How We Met

Beth was a work colleague of my sister, so I’d known of her for a few years but it wasn’t until we started working together (once a week) ourselves that we became friends. I was in a rather turbulent relationship at the time but would do my best to convince myself that things were fine. That relationship came to an abrupt end (thank God!) and over the next few months, I spent a bit more time with Beth having drinks at my sisters after work. Then that particular job came to an end and I didn’t see Beth again for several months. It was my other sisters birthday party and we were the last two standing at the end of the night. We talked into the early hours of the morning and ended up staying at my Mums house (where I was living at the time.) Nothing happened other than more talking, lots of laughter and a slightly awkward sleep in my single bed!

Since that night (nearly five years on now) the longest we have spent apart is a week when Beth went on a family holiday!

How They Asked

I asked her in a song! Beth thought we were all there for a belated birthday party for myself and her sister. After we sang happy birthday, I’d arranged for my sister to ask me to sing a song (I’m a singer/song-writer so Beth thought nothing of it)

Little did she know, I’d written the song weeks ago and had secretly arranged for our family and friends to learn it and sing along. Beth didn’t have a clue what was going on. It was AMAZING :)

Our Video