Surprise European Scavenger Hunt Ends in Double Proposal

Proposal Ideas La Posta Vecchia - Ladispoli, Rome, Italy

How We Met

Once in a lifetime (right in the middle of an ordinary life) random meetings give you a happily ever after :) Little did I know at the time that my first encounter with the man I am so proud and blessed to call my future-husband was the beginning of a fun-filled and simply put – a fairy tale in the making. We met. A beautiful friendship in the making was happening. We got pretty comfortable with each other! The “untitled feelings” settled in. We finally put a title on it!

how they asked

It’s been a great journey learning and growing together…and so, I planned on keeping him #forever. We spoke about the next chapter of our lives, little did Bruno know that I had every intention on proposing to him during our trip to Europe. This simple act was to let him know that I chose him and that this was the best decision I will have ever made in my life. And so, the research began…I found my super phenomenal proposal planner in Italy – @Martina_Udicova!

Kim and Bruno's Engagement in La Posta Vecchia - Ladispoli, Rome, Italy

Martina was able to take an idea I had doodled on a piece of paper and turned that into a something magical! Her creative ideas, suggestions, and ability to accommodate my schedule made this piece of the story so much easier. We communicated via WhatsApp, messaging and emailing and I was so excited to meet this incredible woman in person. I had no idea what to expect when we reached Rome but I sure can say – we were blown away!

Kim's Proposal in La Posta Vecchia - Ladispoli, Rome, Italy

Martina, took all my ideas that I conveyed to her based on what Bruno likes and was able to find the perfect location and incorporate pretty much all of them (My must haves: beach setting required, beauty and the beast theme to be included, sunset timing, deco, music, and much more).

Back in Rome, I was working on my plan of getting Bruno to participate in a made up “couples scavenger hunt” (compliments of the hotel we stayed at). What better way to explore Rome than through a scavenger hunt! :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in La Posta Vecchia - Ladispoli, Rome, Italy

With the hotel staff in on the plan, I somehow was able to convince Bruno into believing we won the challenge and our prize was a romantic dinner for two at a surprise location (includes: personal driver – played by Marco, photographer – played by Manolo and our very own personal assistant – played by Martina) ….and so the role play continues.

Where to Propose in La Posta Vecchia - Ladispoli, Rome, Italy

We finally reached our destination and the reaction on Bruno’s face screamed WOW! From the staff to food and the majestic setting by the sea- it was all lined up so perfectly (and we have stunning pictures as proof – shout out to #Manolo). Martina walked us over to the proposal spot that was set up with the beautifully framed personal messages I provided her, beach items and a charming beauty and the beast layout.

The moment happened! #Blindside #Proposal….. little did I know, Bruno was making his own plans in his mind on proposing to me #Double-Blindside #Doubleproposal

It was hilarious, emotional (the good kind), magical and plain fun. We took some pretty romantic pictures after we soaked in what had just happened. Martina pretty much walked us through what we can expect thereafter and we sadly parted ways. The evening ended with a truly fine Italian meal! Marco, patiently waited for us as we soaked in the last couple of minutes of this super awesome evening before heading back to the hotel.

A day worth reliving! With our heartfelt thank you, we couldn’t be more happy with Martina and her incredible team. HIGHLY recommended for those of you looking to make your partner’s fairytale come true!

Special Thanks

Martina Udicova
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