Kerilyn and Emily

How We Met

Well? How else do you meet someone else these days besides a dating app? Lol! Our dating app of choice was Tinder. We matched, of course, me being the first one to swipe right. We talked for a little there before moving on to texts and facetime. Then the winter of 2018 Kerilyn drove to my (now our) apartment in the middle of a blizzard. What should have taken her an hour and a half took over FIVE HOURS, yes FIVE!! She got to the apartment and got stuck in the snow trying to park on the street where I had to dig her out with my bare hands, I don’t recommend this.

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Wine and nervous energy definitely fueled this decision. Kerilyn brought a wine called Ménage à Trois, I thought to myself “well that’s a bit forward!” and asked her if she knew what it meant. She claims she had no clue! Give it a google, you’ll understand. Our overnight first date lasted three days, this is very stereotypical. That first night we stayed up basically until the sun came up, getting to know each other more and talking about anything and everything. And, well? I guess the first date went great because now we’re engaged!

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How They Asked

The coolest thing about a same-sex relationship is the possibility of TWO proposals. We have two “yes days” to share.

Emily’s Yes Day- October 7th, 2019. I knew absolutely nothing besides the fact that we were going to an Airbnb to have fall photos taken by one of my best friends who happens to be a bomb photographer. After taking some inside photos, Morgan (the bestie photographer) said she wanted to show me this cute meditation/yoga hut that was on the property. As we walked up the hill Morgan asked me to twirl around with my scarf to get some playful shots. Little did I know she was actually just stalling to let Kerilyn get into place first. I stepped in, very confused because it was completely decked out in fall decor, candles lit and everything. I locked eyes with the love of my life, holding a white pumpkin, and the biggest smile on her face. I whispered “This is so cute! Wait, what are you doing?” as Morgan continued to snap away. From this point on we were both rendered pretty much speechless. She took the ring off the shiny, white pumpkin and slipped it right onto my finger. Moments later I was told to turn around, where another best friend, Erin, was standing in the doorway taking a video the entire time. We took some more photos inside the AirBnB where my now fiancée told me we’d be spending two nights here (one of my many surprises that day).

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Next stop Lancaster’s Penn Square and Central Market to take more photos! We live within walking distance from the center of our little city and both have such a love for this open and welcoming place.

Next surprise, more photos in an apple orchard! Which is cute on its own except for this has a bit of meaning. So, as you know, we first starting talking by matching on tinder. My tinder bio read “Trying to wear matching flannels and go apple picking?” which gave this photo location an extra special meaning.

The last surprise of the day, we went back to our apartment to change and go out to dinner. Once at the restaurant, the hostess leads us into a special room where a bunch of our friends and family members were there to share this special day with us. It was truly magical and I cannot believe how she managed to pull off this multi-tiered surprise. It definitely would not have worked without all of the help and support from our friends & family.

Kerilyn’s Yes Day- Like I said, one of the coolest things about a same-sex relationship is the possibility for two proposals. So here we are, take two! December 14th, 2019. Prior to this day, Kerilyn asked me to plan a surprise date night for us, SCORE what a perfect opportunity. So after she mentioned that the gears were turning and my ideas turned into a plan. I told her we were doing three things that evening which started with a quick photo in front of the Christmas tree in Penn square- side note, Christmas is her absolute favorite. I pretended to set up a photo timer when of course I was actually setting up my phone for a video. I ran from my phone to her side beginning to pose for a photo. 5…4…3… I look at her, 2… I face her, 1… I drop down on one knee. I stated her full name and through a shaky voice said “one year and one day ago today I asked you to be my girlfriend by saying that you alone make me the happiest person in the world. There is only one thing you could that would make me happier, will you marry me?”

Next surprise for her, we go to a drive through Christmas light show at the local minor league baseball stadium! Followed by dinner at the restaurant I first told my friends about asking her to be my girlfriend over a year ago. The restaurant goes all out with Christmas decorations and has an upstairs piano bar which is perfect. Earlier that day I dropped off some gifts to be put out on the table for Kerilyn. A pillow that says “love you more”, a Christmas ornament that says “our first Christmas engaged”, and a personalized love story book that I made.

Back at our apartment, I had the last of her surprises laid out on the island; champagne accompanied by Mrs & Mrs champagne glasses, a t-shirt saying “I said yes!”, and cozy socks covered in diamond rings. We exchanged our Christmas presents that night (early, I know) because we will be traveling to each other’s families’ houses over the holiday. All in all another very very magical day.

Special Thanks

Morgan Fatjo
 | Photographer
Zoie Kline
 | Planning
Erin Clements
 | Videographer