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Kenzie and I met back in April 2013 through mutual friends. We were all going to a weekly art event called The Happening and ended up spending the whole night hanging out, painting and playing drums. She was extremely nervous about asking for my number but I’m so glad she did.

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Fast forward over three (wonderful) years: Kenzie had been planning a very secretive trip for my 25th birthday. Before we left for it, Kenzie told me that she had no plans to propose to me on this trip. I hadn’t really been expecting it to happen on my birthday anyway so it didn’t really throw me off. I didn’t know until later but most of my close friends were in on it, as was my Mom. Kenzie slipped up a week before the trip and accidentally told me were going to New York, which was super exciting because one of our closest friends (Rachel) lives in Brooklyn. I later learned that Rachel was going to be out of town for a business trip, but little did I know that was only part of the plan.

The day of the trip finally arrived and when I opened the front door to take our bags to the car, surprise number one was waiting for me. My best friend Allison was standing on our doormat ready to join us! Once we arrived in New York, Rachel (my second surprise) ran through the door and practically tackled me. We were spending the afternoon just hanging out when everyone started acting a little strange saying we had an “appointment” we had to make it to by 2:30. I was super confused and kept trying to guess what it was but they all kept avoiding my guesses. We went back to Rachel’s apartment to change for our “appointment” when everyone came into the living room with their luggage, including Rachel! Even more confused I just went with it, hopped in an Uber, and next thing I knew we were getting dropped off at a bus station!

As we were passing signs for different cities, each time I was told ‘Nope, not that one’ when suddenly I saw my my third surprise: Providence, Rhode Island. My hometown! I couldn’t contain myself. Ugly crying ensued and I was beyond happy. Going home and being able to see all of my friends and family, all of my friends from different states finally getting to meet each other, it was literally the best birthday present I could have ever asked for. The next day was my birthday and the last surprise was right around the corner as we split into two separate cars and headed to a secret location. Remembering what Kenzie had said about not proposing to me, that was the last thing I was expecting. So when we turned into Town Hall I was confused once again.

Once I saw Kenzie she grabbed my hands and nervously asked me if I remembered her telling me that she wasn’t going to propose to me on my birthday. I said yes, and she followed with the final surprise: “Well, I’m not proposing, we’re not getting engaged…we’re getting married.” Ugly cry number two began immediately as we walked into town hall and filled out our marriage paper work. The next morning, we went to the courthouse where the entire courtroom cheered for us as we were granted the required waiver we needed to be able to exchange our vows. I had always wanted to elope and Kenzie knew that.

She planned the perfect elopement/proposal/birthday for me! We’re now planning our formal wedding for the rest of our friends, family, and dogs to attend. I’m looking forward to celebrating with everyone, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way!

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