Kenzie and Pamela

How We Met

Kenzie and I met through an online dating app. We were both the type of people that swore off dating apps completely and wanted to meet someone organically and naturally, but after both coming out of relationships, our friends made us profiles and we just went along with it. After having it a few weeks, Kenzie messaged me and I remember thinking “She’s 250 miles away from me, we will never meet”. She was just so beautiful, and I felt this pull towards her so we exchanged numbers and started talking. A few weeks later after we had been texting a while (aka every single day), Kenzie was driving through my town on her way back from visiting family and asked me if I had 30 minutes to spare to grab coffee. I remember that car ride to the coffee shop so vividly; feeling so many feelings and not knowing where they were coming from but its almost as if I knew my life was never going to be the same after this coffee visit. Pulling up and seeing Kenzie’s face and that big beautiful smile and hearing her voice for the fist time I was hooked. I swear, right then and there giving her a hug, I knew I was hugging my future wife. We then spent the next 5+ hours in that coffee shop, talking, laughing, and opening up about so many personal life moments, and it just felt so natural and organic. I never wanted to leave that coffee shop. As we embraced goodbye, and scheduled our next date, I came to the realization; my entire life felt like I had been living in a black & white world, and here was this woman, who I had known not even a month, and she was bringing all these new colors into my world. She was missing from my past, but she was all of my future.

How They Asked

Kenzie’s job requires her to travel for work 90% of the time. Going to work events in other states and being gone for days/ weeks at a time is normal for our schedule. So when Kenzie told me she had a work event in Maine that she wanted me to come to her with I didn’t think anything of it. Even some of our close friends that work with Kenzie would bring up the event and we were planning what we would do over that October weekend.

Now a bit of backstory, when we met I was living in Boston and Kenzie was living in Maine. The first day I visited her in Maine for the day we went to her favorite surfing spot, Reid State Park. Its so beautiful there, cliffs over looking the water, sandy beaches, forests full of lush trees, it’s gorgeous. I’m a photographer, and I’m always carrying around my film cameras and the first photo I took of Kenzie was at Reid. Needless to say, Reid quickly became “our place” and whenever I would visit her, no matter the season, or weather, we would always make a point to go to Reid together. Since moving in together, and relocating 4 times since our relationship started, we’ve missed being close to Reid and take up any opportunity to go back when we can. Because of Kenzie’s career and our constant packing & unpacking and moving, I’ve also joked to Kenzie that she could just propose with a Ring Pop, as long as it wasn’t cherry, I would say yes! Haha

Leading up to this weekend event I could tell Kenzie was a tad stressed but that comes with planning a big work event. A few days before she mentioned that we should stop at Reid State Park on our way up to the event, of course! No way I would pass up a trip to Reid! The forecast for the weekend was supposed to be rain, rain, and more rain yet when we were driving up it was sunny and 70, in October! Pulling into the park I always get slapped in the face with nostalgia from our first time going there together 3 years ago. We park the car and we head over to our spot we always go to first, by the cliffs over looking the water. She then suggests we go over to a different spot. I remember snapping a polaroid, and then as I’m putting it away Kenzie grabs both my hands and looks right into my eyes and I then realized what was happening. I’m a chatterbox but while Kenzie was talking to me for the next few minutes I was the quietest I think I’d ever been in my life. She said the sweetest words that made me instantly tear up, and she then pulled a Ring Pop out of her jacket and I almost said yes right then and there before she even asked me, but I waited as she got down on one knee and cue the instant waterworks. After saying “YES!” multiple time over through tears, and gawking at this beautiful ring she had designed for me, we embraced and then this sweet other woman approached us with a camera and I knew Kenzie had this epic moment in our relationship captured! Cue more tears after realizing again that she proposed in the same spot I took the first photograph of her. I then looked at her and said “Wait, are we going to be late to the event?!” to which she replies “There was never an event!”

After having a photo session, we got in the car ready to drive away and call our family and friends. Unfortunately Maine backroads are super spotty with service and I barely had any on my cell phone. Kenzie told me we will go to the Air B&B she rented for us to drop our stuff off and then go to a local restaurant for some champagne and to call our families. As we were pulling down a road, Kenzie looks to me and says “Oh wait, I have one more surprise” … As we pulled into the driveway I heard screaming and was a tad confused, I looked up and saw all our closest friends and family members on a balcony of this huge house cheering and waving their hands and screaming with joy– I INSTANTLY threw my hands to my face and just started bawling my eyes out. Our yellow lab was the first to run down to greet us wearing a bandana saying “my mommies are getting married”! I then proceeded to cry on and off for the rest of the weekend as we made incredible memories with our favorite people celebrating this magical next step in our lives together.

Special Thanks

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