Kendyl and Areli

How We Met

Areli and I first met while working at a retail store in our college town. My entire life changed the moment that I met her. I had a boyfriend at the time and had never been with a girl before, but almost instantly, we both felt such a strong connection that we will never forget. Months later, our love story began in the beautiful Queretaro, Mexico when Areli asked me to be her girlfriend while in a hot air balloon floating over the city.

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This trip also enticed our desire to travel the world together and explore new horizons by each other’s side. Day by day our love grew for one another as well as our desire to spend the rest of our lives together. Our long-distance relationship over the past 1.5 years has intensely strengthened our bond and relationship on a whole new level. We both deeply trust, support, and care for each other in ways we didn’t think were possible. On March 19, 2019, Areli proposed to me on the vacation of a lifetime in Machupicchu, Peru.

How They Asked

Areli and I decided to take a trip to Peru over our Spring Break in March. Our trip to Peru was such a magical experience and everything happened to fall into place perfectly during our 8 days there. Hotel suites just happened to come available to us, our driver was extremely accommodating, someone carried our bags everywhere we went, and every restaurant we ate at had delicious food. I was on cloud nine the whole trip. On our final day in Peru, we took the train from Cusco to the town of Machupicchu. We were given this hotel room that looked over the river and waterfall in the center of town and spent the rest of the evening shopping the local vendors where we bought ponchos and hats to wear up the mountain the next day. We were instructed to be on a bus at 4 am the next morning to head to the top of Machupicchu, where all of the iconic photos are taken.

We woke up the next morning bright and early to board the bus to the top of the mountain, and I will never forget the winding drive through the narrow rainforest and watching the sunrise while resting my head on Areli’s shoulder. When our bus reached the top, Areli informed me that it would be a private tour that she had arranged for us throughout the ruins so we began hiking up. When we finally reached the highest point that we could hike we both looked out to admire the incredible view.

At that moment I noticed the private tour guide take out his professional camera and began photographing us while Areli took my hand into hers and got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. This day has been the happiest day of my life thus far and I couldn’t imagine a more magical experience. The funniest part is that Areli told me that the ring had been hidden in the fanny pack that I had been carrying around with me most of the trip. I can’t wait to continue to travel the world with my beautiful soon-to-be wife.