How She Asked: Kendall and Lindsey

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How We Met

I’m a barber at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop in Colorado Springs. It was a fairly slow day when I saw this perfectly sexy woman walking towards the shop doors. I jumped up out of my seat so fast to take this new client, that I could barley contain myself. Everyone in the shop knew right then that I had eyes for her, I literally just couldn’t help myself. So for seven months I cut this woman’s hair, laying my charm on as thick as I possibly could, and not once did she bite. I gave her my number, stalked her on social media, performed the best head massages I could muster up, grabbed at her shoulders playfully, hugged her hello and goodbye, all while getting grief from my entire shop because they knew I was in love. One day, I had had enough and finally found the courage to invited her to a show that a bunch of my friends and I were attending that weekend. She seemed shocked, but complied sheepishly. She was going to meet me there and I had decided to wait for her outside to walk her in with me. Before that night, she had received her income tax return, and told me she was going to take a cab to insure she got home safely. I of course could not let that happen, and asked if I could just pick her up and I would guarantee her safe return, she agreed. After an awkward start to our evening, because neither one of us had any idea if this was a date or just a gathering of friends, a run in with my ex, my friends picking on us for our confusion, it ended with a beautifully passionate kiss at her front door and literally every night since then has been spent together, kissing.

How They Asked

On October 8th 2016, I was surprised with the greatest gift a girl could ever ask for. Lindsey, our friends, and family showered me with the greatest gesture of love, flash mob style, and of course I accepted. This was a fairy tale for me. Something I thought I would only see in the movies, but for this day, it was my life. I will, in the near future marry my best friend.

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