Kelsea and Rebekah

Image 1 of Kelsea and Rebekah

How We Met

We met through Tinder. Neither of us expected to find our forever person using the app, but we both had decided to give it a try and within a month of downloading the app we matched and met up for our first date!

How They Asked

I proposed to my fiancée first at the Botanical Gardens. The place holds special meaning to us, so I knew I wanted to ask there. I hired a photographer and popped the question in our little cove. She said yes! Little did I know that I stole her proposal idea! She had also been planning on proposing there, but the next month once the holiday lights were up. She changed her plan and a few weeks later she surprised me by proposing in front of the Hotel Clermont, having rented out the marquee. She had the ring in a music box with our song playing and then we went onto the rooftop bar for drinks and pictures. The sun was setting and it was a magical evening.