Kayla and Randy

how we met

Funny enough, we met online!

how they asked

Randy, my fiancé, recently joined my photography business and made a comment that we should pruce up our office with some photos of just him and I. I thought that was so special and sweet. I also realized it was kind of the perfect time to pop the question to him, because he would never suspect it, and we would have photographic proof that it happened! So in a very short week, I secretly found the perfect ring, set up a playlist, and came up with a plan on when to ask. On the way over, I realized that the ring I bought was the wrong size…too small! So when the moment came, it was a little laughable because I had to ask, but couldn’t put the ring fully on! We all laughed. He actually thought it was a joke until he saw I was shaking from nerves! And…he said yes!

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