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how we met

Our story is quite interesting. We actually met on Facebook. Her and I had a mutual friend that posted a post saying “If you’re sexy post a selfie”. I posted a picture, which is something I didn’t do often. She then posted her picture after mine and liked my post. I went back and liked hers also. On July 5th, I received a friend request from her and began to communicate a little. Time went by and we finally decided we should meet for lunch. We went to Starbucks for our first lunch date. When I first saw her in person I was amazed at how beautiful she was. Starbucks wasn’t a usual restaurant for me so she ordered us two Strawberry Frappuccinos. We sat and spoke for what seemed like forever but was only 45 minutes. Talking to her seemed as though I was talking to someone I had known my entire life. Even though at this point in my life I wasn’t looking for love or a relationship, here this beautiful woman was, sitting across the table from me, and her eyes just said “Trust me, I can love you.” I must admit before her, I never really believed someone could have you at Hello. From that day on…My heart loved her…it was the beginning of it all.

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How They Asked

I wanted this proposal to be just as awesome and special as she Is to me. I also wanted it to be a date because we have one rule in our relationship…”NEVER FORGET TO DATE”. Lastly, I wanted it to be filled with first experiences to share together. So, I told her that I was taking her out on a date night. I picked out a nice Italian restaurant downtown called Trattoria No.10. The food was amazing. We spent time talking about what we loved about each other and how we couldn’t believe that we have been together going on two years now (Sept.14th 2014). We spoke about how we have changed as people and how awesome it is that we have our own perfect little family with our children (Amor 7, Amir 7, and Micah 4).

After dinner we went to the water tower in Downtown Chicago, she had never been and we took a horse and carriage ride to Buckingham Fountain. Another first that we shared together. The ride was beautiful with music playing. We arrived at the Fountain and we waited for the fireworks. We took a few pictures in front of the fountain and I began to tell Kay how much I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. How much I loved our family and that I couldn’t wait to see what our future had in store for us…TOGETHER.

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I then got down on one knee, the videographer, Antoine Mance, then flashed his light and began to record. The tears began to roll down Kay’s eyes and I couldn’t keep myself from stuttering. At this very moment I began to fall in love with her all over again. I then said, “Baby, would you mind dating me for the rest of your life?” As the tears fell from her face she said yes and made me the happiest woman in the world.

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We then rode home and when she walked in the door there was a slide show playing with pictures of our relationship thus far. Rose petals were laid out in the dinning room with gifts for her. There were 12 balloons, each with a picture of us and what memory that picture brings to mind. It was an amazing night for an amazing woman…a way to begin an amazing forever. She’s my Forever Girl.

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Fatty Koo
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