Katie and Megan

How We Met

Hello, this is Katie speaking, the one who was proposed to. I first met Megan almost 3 years ago at a dive bar through a friend. I’m a graphic designer and was showing Megan a couple of business cards and flyers I was working on at the time. Megan asked me after a couple of drinks for my personal business card so she could have my number. A week later on Saturday, we went on our first date to Huntington Dog Beach with my 4-month-old golden retriever puppy. How could you not fall in love with a puppy right? So I figured what could be better than a first date consisting of playing with a puppy AND being at the beach in the sunshine. I was right, she fell in love with Indy immediately and we had a great time! We then walked to main street Huntington to get lunch however since I had my puppy with me and we sat outside right along the main walkway we were interrupted every couple minutes by people wanting to pet and play with Indy.

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So, most of the lunch was us interacting with strangers and getting to see how each other interacted with other people- which is actually cool to see on a first date. After our lunch we drove back to my home and on the way there one of my best guy friends Facetimed me and said I had to meet him at the local restaurant and bar, Billy’s for drinks and so I told Megan if she wanted to stay and join she could come, and she did. So our date continued and we went to Billy’s Megan Myself and my friend, Jeff. The entire time at Billy’s there was this extremely intoxicated older single man who was telling everyone he was getting married and kept hanging with the 3 of us and was “that drunk guy who you cant get rid of” in our group. We laughed and had a great time and then around 5 pm I originally had plans to meet up with my other friend Meg (who we now call little Meg) because we were all going to go out and celebrate her birthday that night. The four of us sat and had drinks, we ended up hanging out all night.

That day was the longest first date ever!! We spent over 12 hours together and we never ran out of things to talk about. We have spent almost every day, since that first date, together. The only exceptions have been work trips and family travel. Megan moved in with me 6 months later and we have been living together ever since!

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How They Asked

During the pandemic of COVID-19 Megan and I planned to make the drive from Newport Beach, California where we live to Bend, Oregon where I grew up, to spend a couple of weeks with my parents and brother. However, prior to staying with my family, my dad insisted that we had to make up 2 weeks total of being quarantine away from our house since we lived with a roommate who is working at a hospital. So we meticulously planned to stay at a condo, couple nights of camping and staying in an Airbnb so we could quarantine 14 consecutive days, before staying with my parents in their home in Bend, OR. After working out the details, we packed up our 2 dogs, all of our stuff for about a month total, and took off on our adventure North.

We were both very excited and looked at it as an adventure and knew it was rare that we both had this much time to spend together. Since most campgrounds are closed due to Covid-19 I found dispersed camping right on Shasta Lake (literally we were on the beach of the lake) and you just drive your car wherever you want to set up camp, however, because it is “off the grid” Megan couldn’t find any pictures of it and didn’t know what to expect at all in terms of if it would be a good spot to propose. We planned to arrive Saturday afternoon, stay 2 nights and then take off Monday for the remainder of the journey to continue to Bend to be with my family.

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The annoyance begins… So Megan and I are both really low key when it comes to wearing makeup and dressing nicely and never really care too much about how we look and what we wear, ESPECIALLY camping. I grew up in Oregon so I am used to the outdoors, camping, and getting dirty! So for the first couple of hours, Megan was doing things that were so unlike her in order to prepare for the proposal. When we arrived at our campsite it was 85 degrees and we set up camp a bit and then the first thing I wanted to do was hike around with the dogs and then jump in the lake.

Image 12 of Katie and Megan

Normally, Megan would want to do those things too, but she didn’t, knowing she had hired a photographer for when she proposed. I was annoyed she wouldn’t go swimming with me and very confused by her comments of “Are you sure you want to swim, you will be stinky in the tent tonight” or “Are you sure you want to get your hair wet?” The next hour was spent of me swimming with my dogs and her watching us and acting antsy, as she wanted to go back and set up camp. We then get back to camp and the first thing she does is sit down and paint her nails. I am looking around at the other campsites and shaking my head embarrassed that we are camping and the girl I am with is painting her nails!!!!

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Megan suggested that we walk to the other side of the lake but asks me to change into “cuter” outfit because even though it’s 85 degrees my lime green sports bra that shows under a purple cut off tank top and pink and gray shorts paired with water shoes isn’t appropriate for her while camping. She insisted and said that she just wanted to take a cute picture of us together on the first night of our adventure.

Image 11 of Katie and Megan

I was so annoyed that she asked me to change and not only to change but into leggings and a long sleeve shirt in the heat and while camping. Little did I know she was trying to get me prepared for the proposal pictures and thank goodness I listened and wasn’t wearing my water shoes and my horribly clashing outfit!! LOL. SO annoyed and defiant, I listened and changed and Megan took me down by the water just before the sun was setting.

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She then got down on one knee, took out a ring, and proposed! I was speechless and so excited! Immediately EVERYTHING MADE SENSE! As soon as I said “yes” Megan pointed out that the photographer was taking photos and to smile and I was shocked again! Then she said that Little Meg and her girlfriend Jo were also here and they came running out from their hiding place with cute custom bandanas for the dogs saying “She said yes” and “my humans are engaged!”

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We then took engagement photos with our dogs and their cute bandanas and I was so impressed and shocked that everything happened so perfectly. The lake and sunset were absolutely beautiful; we popped champagne and cooked burgers together and spent the rest of the night chatting around the campfire. Little Meg and Jo stayed the rest of the camping trip with us. They had driven 10 hours just to surprise me and celebrate with us. They were also a HUGE help to Megan because they sent her photos and scoped out the camping spot the night before and saved us a spot to camp. They even slept in their car at a rest stop on the way…what troopers! They are truly the best friends!

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This proposal was seriously the best, I couldn’t have imagined it any better!! It was so beautiful and so special that we were in this beautiful adventure and camping lakeside and everything was absolutely perfect for it! It was the dream proposal for me and it was super awesome that we were on the way to be with my family to celebrate. Megan called my family and told them before it was going to happen, they are extremely happy for us and expecting a proposal and were planning on celebrating with us at their house in Oregon once we made it there. We had the most amazing time camping, a great rest of the time driving to Oregon and everything about our month-long adventure has been perfect. Anyways 10 out of 10 and I could not be happier!!!!

Image 5 of Katie and Megan

Special Thanks

Megan Pettersen
 | Planning
Jessica Cobb
 | Photographer