Kathleen and Amanda

Kathleen and Amanda's Engagement in French Quarters in New Orleans

How We Met

Amanda and I met online almost 2 years ago, which honestly surprises me because usually, those dates can be a shot in the dark. From our first conversation, you could tell there was an undeniable connection. The first date/day we met, we had these elaborate plans to go do all of these things before we went to a hockey game (we’re both from the north: Amanda is from Alaska and I’m from Canada so hockey is life!!) and we ended up sitting on my couch talking for hours until we had to rush to our game! It honestly felt like our souls knew each other in a past life because the first day we met we both agreed it felt like we had already known each other. It was like meeting an old friend.

How They Asked

Back in December, Amanda was in a coma in the ICU for 5 days and I had promised her that when she was strong and all better that I would take her to New Orleans because it was on her bucketlist and that is what life’s about; living your dreams! After searching for the perfect photographer, I had found and contacted Vanessa from missmeowstudios in New Orleans to help me plan this big surprise engagement for Amanda! We decided on the French Quarter because it was nice and quiet and full of intricate buildings and history which is exactly what Amanda loves. The day of our engagement I told Amanda that I wanted to take her on a fancy date.

Where to Propose in French Quarters in New Orleans

We took our travelling backpack with a bluetooth speaker and had some of our favourite songs playing for our “walk around the quarters to the restaurant”. When our song came on, I explained to her how proud I am of her and her personal growth, and how proud I am of us as a couple. I told her how proud her dad would be of her growth if he could see her right now. I took out a picture from my pocket of her father that I had printed out beforehand for the proposal (I wanted him to be a part of it in some way, she was a daddy’s girl through and through) and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me! Vanessa and her husband were posing as random photographers and caught our special moment and we followed it up with an amazing, intimate photoshoot in the beautiful French Quarters. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect moment, she was completely surprised!

Special Thanks

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