Katherin and Lilliana

Image 1 of Katherin and Lilliana

How We Met

Katherin and Lilliana attended Absegami high school together from 2004 -2006. They had mutual friends and would hang out occasionally; however, they rarely crossed paths because they were not in the same graduating class. One day, after many years, they started a conversation through Facebook. The conversation somehow transcended into a discussion about restaurants. Next thing you know, they made plans to go to lunch at the Rams Head Inn for restaurant week. After that day Katherin and Lilliana became best friends.

On October, 2011, Katherin deployed for seven months to Qatar. While there, Katherin spoke to Lilliana everyday and served as a support system for each other. When Katherin returned from Qatar, the following May 2012, they realized that their relationship could possibly be more than a friendship.

On August 15, 2012 Katherin and Lilliana decided to make their relationship exclusive and began dating. Throughout their relationship they have traveled to many different places: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, California, Nevada, Mississippi, Chicago, Florida, to name just a few. In July of 2014 they bought their first home together. All these experiences allowed them to make beautiful memories together that has helped them realize that their love had the potential to be something incredible.

On July 7, 2017, Katherin and Lilliana have decided to tie the knot among their closest families and friends. They both feel incredibly blessed to have found each other and to be marrying the person they see as their soul mate. Their love story is to be continued…

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How They Asked

So, on May 7,2016, Katherin proposed to Lilliana, at the Rams Head Inn, the restaurant where they had their very first date. Katherin, being the true romantic that she is, told Lilliana a week in advance that they were going to go out to eat and then get pictures taken, providing everything necessary for her to look and feel her best that evening. When Lilliana arrived, they began their date as usual, and unsuspecting Lilliana thinks nothing strange when the photographer walks over to the table and begins taking pictures of them. He asks them to stand up, and while Lilliana is posing for the photographer, Katherin gets down on one knee and proposes. Out from around the corner came their closest family members and friends who have been anxiously waiting the entire time. After happy tears, laughter, and hugs, Katherin rushed Lilliana to leave the restaurant because they had other plans – Katherin surprised Lilliana, again, with an engagement party!

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