Katelyn and Julia

Marriage Proposal Ideas in iLoveKickboxing, Saugus, MA

How We Met

I wanted to share my proposal story from November! On the weekends I work as a kickboxing instructor. The studio is where Julia and I first met. It is the place where our friendship was created. It is a place that saved us both physically and mentally. It is a place where friends turned into family. And the place that helped us fall in love.

How They Asked

It was just an ordinary Saturday shift for me (or so I thought). Then every instructor came rolling through the door. And all of my friends from the studio. And a few instructors and members from other studios that I’m close with. And some members I hadn’t seen in a while. I remember thinking, “how did I get so lucky to teach such a packed class filled with the people I love the most!?” This isn’t unusual by the way, so I thought nothing of it. My best friend also happened to be taking a class and introduced me to a friend she had brought along. This friend was not taking a class but was going to hang around to take pictures. My best friend had just started a blog and she told me that her friend was there to take pictures for the blog. Again, not unusual for us to do something like this and again I thought nothing of it.

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As I was about to start class I could feel such an energy in the air, one that I hadn’t felt before a class in a while. It was early the first class of the day, and a great way to start a long shift. I started class with my infamous saying, “Y’all have NO idea what you’re getting yourself into!” There were lots of smiles and giggle as usual, but it was really me who had no idea what I was getting myself into…Class went on as normal. I was sergeant Katelyn, showing no mercy, getting my usual dirty looks. The music has everyone singing, dancing and in their groove. The class plan was on fire (as usual). I was on a nice high from teaching an amazing class. THEN…

There comes a point during class, where we ask that everyone finds a partner and get down on one knee across from them. I asked the class what I ask every time I teach, “Does anyone still need a partner?” Julia raised her hand and started walking towards the middle. I didn’t think anything of it other than scanning around the room to find her a partner to get the class going again. From the corner of my eye, I saw her get down on one knee, again not unusual for this part of the class. But when I actually turned my attention to her I saw her opening a tiny white box and I immediately realized what was happening. I burst into tears as the room filled with our closest friends and loved ones started cheering and clapping louder than I had ever heard them before. I didn’t even let Julia ask me the question to yell at the class, “You all are getting burpees!” in true Katelyn style.

But when she did finally ask, “Will you marry me?” the cheering began again and I was on another kind of high. The feeling of the love I felt in that moment from Julia, my friends, and my team is the most indescribable but amazing feeling that I will always cherish and never forget. My best friend’s photographer caught the whole thing on camera. Turns out she wasn’t there for the blog after all…

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