Kate and Sarah

How We Met

When I came out five years ago, I wasn’t having much luck in the girl department. I was born and raised in a small suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio and the options were limited.

Luckily, I had a friend from NYC who went to high school with Sarah. My friend was dating Sarah’s best friend and told me I absolutely had to meet Sarah! We connected on Facebook and she finally sent me a message and we haven’t stopped talking since.

We were long-distance from Ohio to New Jersey and made it work as best as we could. We had sleepovers on FaceTime, we would have movie and wine dates on FaceTime as well. Then a few months later, we finally met in person and it was the kind of love that stopped you dead in your tracks.

We spent every minute of every day consumed in each other and I look back on falling in love with her and can’t believe I got to experience a movie type of love.

How They Asked

Sarah and I have been together for five years. Throughout our relationship, we always made plans on who would get to do what first. She would propose first, I’d walk down the aisle first (so I could watch her walk towards me), and I lost a bet and had to carry the first baby. Being a queer couple, we get to make up the rules to how we do things and it’s always made our relationship fun.

Last year, we went to Paris for the first time and Sarah fell in love. She was absolutely in awe of the city, the wine and the love that you feel the second you arrive. Ever since our first trip, she has told me she wanted to go back. For our five year anniversary, I bought us tickets to Europe and the plan started.

I am a full-time blogger so I asked Sarah if she minded doing a branded shoot while we were in Paris. This made it possible for me to get her into the beautiful dress, in her favorite city, under the Eiffel Tower and doing a shoot without it being suspicious. The photographer knew about my plan and had a cue for me to propose. Once she said “this is perfect,” I got down on one knee and proposed! Sarah was shocked.

Using our relationship to inspire others in our community has been the greatest gift. Getting to continue to grow together, create new moments and sharing them with the world is unreal. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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