Karli and Jessica

How We Met

We basically began our entire relationship at the ball park, she played softball and I would always go cheer her on. I loved being her number one fan. We spent so much time up there that it only made sense to make it the proposal site and I had no idea it was coming since it was normal for us to hang out there.

How They Asked

Well the day of the proposal, the weather decided not to work in our favor. It poured and poured then the park was asking everyone to leave because a tornado had touched down near the ball park. For some reason she kept stalling, going to the bathroom walking around and just talking to me not wanting to leave while everyone else had already gone. I had no idea what she was doing so I started to get frustrated. Finally, she let me start walking out. Once we got to the gate she walked out first and turned to look at me.

Image 1 of Karli and Jessica

To the side of me was all of our friends and family members wearing shirts that spelled out Will You Marry Me, before she got down on one she told me how much she loved me. Then got down and asked me to marry her, I was so emotional and happy I could barely even get out the word yes.

Image 2 of Karli and Jessica

I found out later that the proposal was supposed to be on the actual field, and everyone was supposed to walk out of the dug out one by one to spell out the will you marry me and then she would come forward. She kept trying to stall because the park wouldn’t let our friends and family members in so they all had to set up outside. It was the best day ever, and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with her.

Image 3 of Karli and Jessica

Image 4 of Karli and Jessica