Karen and Hope

How We Met

I will never forget meeting Hope. We were at a birthday party for a mutual friend. Hope and I had heard about each other, but it never lined up for us to meet; that was until Kellie’s birthday party.

We were both in the kitchen and I knew it was Hope, but no one had formally introduced us yet, so I walked up to her at this birthday party and said, “have you ever met someone and just knew you were going to be best friends?” To which Hope responds with, “yes, totally, it’s not happening right now, but I know what you mean.”

That was it. I knew I wanted this girl to be a part of my life for a long, long time. There’s just something so unforgettable about Hope.

How They Asked

There’s a lake near my childhood home that is very meaningful to me. It’s where I’ve made so many monumental decisions in my life and I knew it was where I wanted to ask Hope to be my wife. I’d heard so many stories of people not remembering what either person said when it came to the proposal, so I tasked our cutie pup to help me ask the most important question I’d ever ask.

We got to the lake and I told Hope I wanted to do a photoshoot of her and Nora together. She walked out on the dock and I was unsuccessfully putting the “Will You Marry My Momma?” bandana on Nora because of my nervous hands shaking so much! Hope turned around and asked if I’d taken the photo and she read the bandana. My heart was pounding and I almost forgot to kneel. She knew the question and I knew the answer. I can’t wait to marry this incredible human. I love you forever, Hope.

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Special Thanks

Emily Rowan
 | Photographer