How She Asked: Kandas and Jessica

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How We Met

We met on the water in South Texas, about 15 years ago, through mutual friends. There was an instant connection. Years later, as things progressed, that connection developed into something more intently beautiful than either of us ever expected.

I (Kandas), can still hear her laugh and see that smile… I was taken by her presence, unsure what my feelings meant. Jess let me borrow the hat she was wearing that day. It was her favorite. I kept it, wanting to take a part of her with me. That old hat nor that chance meeting would ever be forgotten.

Admittedly, since that day on the lake, we tried to run from each-other; fearing the other would see the little school girl with a huge crush dancing and smiling on the inside. Can she see right through me? So much concern the raw feelings would reveal themselves. Never the less, we kept in touch, attended the same functions, chatted here, and laughed there; always finding a way to spend time in each-others space, albeit cautiously.

Throughout the years, the connection never faded. The intensity continued to build. Then one day, as if someone flipped a switch on a light bulb and screamed, “HEY, I’VE BEEN WAITING ALL OF THESE YEARS, ITS TIME!!”

It just fit…like that old hat.

How They Asked

I pondered a proposal weeks prior to it coming to fruition. There was never a doubt in my mind I wanted Kandas to be my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life cherishing her, building a life with her, and loving her. I knew the proposal had to be as special as the woman I am so madly and deeply in love with. The trip to NYC came up rather spontaneously, specifically to bring in the new year. As I planned the trip for that purpose, I realized Central Park was the perfect backdrop to our story; quickly envisioning myself on bended knee, in front of the love of my life. I had only days to pick out the ring, get it appropriately sized, and find a photographer to covertly shoot the occasion.

As with everything else in our relationship, it was effortless. Ring selection and sizing went off without a hitch and I found a wonderfully talented photographer in Alexandra Wren to discretely capture the moment. I was beside myself nervous the day of the proposal. After several delays, including an impromptu infatuation with bubbles in the park, we finally made it to my desired proposal destination, Bow Bridge.

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It was there, I pulled Kandas towards me and completely forgot every single word I had recited over and over in my head. Suddenly, there was no bridge. No Central Park. No tourists. No gorgeous New York skyline……..All I could see was her beautiful face staring back at me. Just she and I. Everything else disappeared. She was wondering why I was shaking. I attempted to speak. No words. Then, some words. ….Not the ones I rehearsed but words none the less. This will have to do. Suddenly, I’m kneeling down. I’m asking her THE question. Dear God, please say yes, please say…..SHE SAID YES!!! Is she crying? Am I breathing? Did I just put the ring on the wrong hand?? Is the photographer…..oh thank goodness, there she is. Whew!

I believe it took Kandas and I both hours to come back into reality. Truly, the most memorable and exhilarating day of my life. I know, with Kandas by my side, there will be many more.

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