Kalya and Shannon

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One of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest is having access to beautiful nature, close to home. We have some of the most beautiful city parks I’ve had the pleasure of exploring, so when Kalya reached out to me about photographing her surprise proposal somewhere close to Olympia, I knew that it would be gorgeous. I gave her a few location suggestions, and she was drawn to the wooden bridges amongst the forest at Priest Point Park. We planned a time to meet and scout out the park together and found the perfect spot for the proposal to happen. She’d walk Shannon down a short trail where I’d be waiting, mostly hidden in a picnic shelter. Then Kayla would pop the question while on the bridge.

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It all went so smoothly, and even though it was their ninth anniversary, Shannon was still surprised! Kayla planned out the rest of their day including “lunch plans” that were really appointments to get matching tattoos (something they’d wanted to do for a while!). It was so fun to be a part of their day, even as their day was just beginning.

Image 10 of Kalya and Shannon

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