Kalina and Erin

How We Met

t was December 31, 2015, New Years Eve. Erin and I were both going to a party at a couples house that were mutual friends of ours. I think if you had asked either of us if we expected to meet anyone at that party, we both would have answered “NO”. We were both there with absolutely no expectations for the evening. In fact, Erin almost didn’t even make it to the party but was told, “you never know who you’ll meet” and decided to go.

Then everything changed when Erin walked through the door…

This next part is going to sound so cliché, all the stupid things people say about meeting “the one”, but it happened! Something about her drew me in, I couldn’t not talk to her. When we did talk, things were so easy! It felt like I had known her for so much longer than just a few hours. Then I found out Erin’s plan was to leave with her friends shortly after New Years. I did everything I could to keep her at that party, I didn’t want her to go! Thankfully, some of her friends were on the same page as me and encouraged her to stay. The next thing I knew, the New Years Eve celebrations were long finished, Erin was still there with me, and it was now 7 o’clock in the morning. After sleeping for a few hours I drove Erin back to her vehicle, and the rest is history!


In January 2018, two years into our relationship, I began the process of having Erin’s engagement ring made. We had a trip to Greece planned in the coming months and I knew it was where I wanted to propose. It was Erin’s dream vacation spot, so what better place to do it?! I also knew that wherever we got engaged, we both wanted it to be private and personal. While researching to find the perfect location (and relentlessly stressing to my friends), I found the company ‘Crete for Love’! They brought all my visions to light and made them even better. All my stresses and worries were gone, I was so excited for our trip and the proposal.

On May 17, 2018 a few days into our trip to Greece I told Erin that I had arranged for a private dinner at the Botanical Park in Crete. Later that evening a vehicle picked us up from where we were staying and drove us through the winding countryside. The moment we walked into the restaurant and were brought down to our private dinner table, my breath was taken away. It was more then I could have ever imagined. There were pictures of all our past adventures hanging up, our favorite songs were playing, flowers were everywhere along with the most perfect decor items! It took everything out of me to not start crying at that very moment, it was perfect! Looking back I probably should have just dropped down on one knee right then, she was now onto me! Instead, I waited until after dinner. Once we were finished we went for a walk, followed by the amazing photographer Andreas Markakis. I told Erin that he worked at the restaurant and anyone who opted for the private dinner also had some time with the photographer! At this point nothing was working, Erin knew what was going on and was (not so patiently) waiting. Finally we got to a spot in the foothills, overlooking the beautiful countryside. There were even peacocks, it was a moment strait out of a fairy tail!

I had a lot of things that I wanted to say before I proposed, but they all disappeared from my mind when I saw Erin standing there. I couldn’t even tell you what exactly was said, I was with the one I was meant to be with and was about to propose! Overcome with emotion, I told Erin how much I loved her, got down on one knee and asked her to be my forever. The answer was “yes” and I still don’t know how I got so lucky. In October 2019 we will be getting married surrounded by everyone we love and we couldn’t be more excited and happy. Sometimes the universe sends you someone you need, someone that you didn’t even know you needed. I never had a vision of the “perfect” person until Erin came along and defined to me what perfect really was.

Special Thanks

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