Kacie and Samantha

How We Met

We met in August 2015 during our freshman year of college, in the middle of California’s coast. I was on our college’s cheerleading team and she was close friends with one of my teammates. I knew instantly that I was attracted to her, but had no clue if she was into girls or not!! I decided to play it cool and ask our mutual friend about her, all I knew at that point in time was that her name was Samantha and she had the most beautiful boxer puppy who was able to stay in her dorm with her as an emotional support animal. I soon found out that she was, in fact, into girls (yay!!). Unfortunately for me, she was in a relationship with someone already (boo!!). There went my hopes and daydreams about her.

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We both went on to live our lives, seeing each other every now and then. I would always stop to pet her puppy and she would always greet me with a smile when she saw me cheering at our school games. Fast forward four months and I find out she is now single. Our friend obviously had known I was previously interested in her and had convinced me to go out with them after a game one night. I rushed home to take probably the fastest shower of my life. I hurried to put on some light makeup and I agonized over my outfit longer than I should have. When I finally felt I was presentable enough, I hurried over to our friend’s dorm so we could all leave together. Samantha was driving and I would be seated in the back right behind her. I noticed her looking in my direction through the rearview mirror during the whole car ride to a certain beach we decided on going to (this beach is now our favorite spot for morning coffee dates and film photography sessions). I sneaked in a smile to her when she looked at me again and caught her blushing when she saw it. We finally got to the beach and we decided we all wanted to watch the stars. She was trying to get on top of her car while I was standing right in front of her and she slipped and accidentally broke the front license plate off of her car!! (After we started dating we talked about this incident and she told me I was making her really nervous and she went home and replayed that moment in her mind over and over again because she thought I would judge her for it. When in reality, I thought her clumsiness was really sweet.)

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We sat there stargazing with our friends and we would secretly look at each other with half smirks every now and then. When we got back, she walked me back to my dorm room and I gave her my number. We talked to each other for a few days, but it was winter break and our communication was hindered because of the upcoming holidays. She also lived two states away from where we went to school so she needed to spend as much time as she could with her family, which is completely understandable (and adorable!). So life happened and we lost contact, AGAIN.

Three months later, our freshman year is slowly coming to an end. She started to hang out with my friend group a lot more, and we begin to text again. There was one specific night, it was Thursday and it was the last day that most of us had classes. I decided to throw an impromptu party in my dorm room. We all had to be extremely quiet because our Resident Advisor would surely bust us if he heard the bouncing of our ping pong balls or clanking of our bottles. There was a moment when I was laughing and dancing with one of my best friends, and I look over and she is smiling at me, watching me enjoy my life. I knew from that night that nothing would get in our way this time. I took matters into my own hands and texted her the second she left my room. I told her I liked her and that I don’t care if she is going to be two states away from me during the whole summer. I needed to be something to her.

Kacie and Samantha's Engagement in Parents Family House

Turns out that my aggressiveness in keeping contact with her completely worked out for both of us. We Facetimed nearly every night that summer would share pictures of the places we were traveling. I got to know her on a deeply personal level because all we could do was talk to each other. I was, of course, sad that I wasn’t able to see her in person to do all of the normal hand-holding and kissing, etc. that couples do at the beginning of a relationship. But I would never change anything about the way we started because it gave us a foundation of friendship and trust that we still have. We decided that summer that we were exclusive, even though we were two states away, we knew we didn’t want to meet someone else that could stop us from pursuing our desire for each other.

The first time we were face-to-face after deciding on exclusivity was a huge surprise to me. I was traveling back to our college town to celebrate the birthday of our mutual friend that helped us get together. I would be staying at her summer apartment for a week, which Samantha knew about. I get there and was saying hello to all of our friends that were there when our mutual friend asked me to grab her contact solution from her bathroom because her eye was becoming painfully dry. I open the door to her bathroom and standing by the tub is Sam, smiling from ear to ear and holding a bouquet of flowers. She instantly wrapped me up in what became our first kiss. I was shocked that she had traveled all that way just to come and see me, she told me that I was so surprised that I looked like Oprah had just given me a new car! LOL. The following day she woke me up early to take me out for coffee, and took me to my favorite book store, followed by going to the beach that started it all and playing in the waves together.

Our story of us becoming “us” may be long and it may have taken us a while to finally realize that we should be together, but it made us who we are as a couple. I wouldn’t change that for anything.

How They Asked

I never really believed in the saying “when you know, you know” until I met Sam. There’s just something different about our relationship, she is my perfect half and my best friend. I knew I wanted to marry her the second I realized I was in love with her. Our lives together have been flawed, just like every relationship, but we work through our struggles and we never lose respect for each other. We are very young, she turns 22 in one week and I turn 21 in three months, but I will be graduating with my B.S. degree in four months so the timing of our engagement could not be more perfect, in my opinion.

We have always been very open with our dreams about our future, we both knew we were ready to make this commitment to each other. I was never opposed to getting down on one knee for her, but I never planned for it because I knew that proposing had always been a dream of hers. I had always talked about my admiration for my parents’ proposal story. My dad proposed to my mom on Christmas Eve, he took her to the exact spot they met in the halls of their high school and he got down on one knee. My mom was 20 and my dad was 21. My dad had told her parents and siblings about it and they were waiting for them to come home to a surprise engagement party.

Sam made it a point to propose in a way that would be meaningful to me. She knows that I am not into the big flashy proposals in front of a crowd of people and that I didn’t want to be proposed to at a destination location, because I feel like the proposal would be more about where it happened rather than how it happened. So knowing that I loved the story of my parents, she made sure that she did something similar.

We were at home with my family and we always get dressed up on Christmas Eve for a homemade Christmas Eve dinner. My sister likes to document our family get-togethers so I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary when she told Sam and me to get in front of the tree for some pictures. She takes a few and then comes up to adjust my hair, she goes to take another picture of us and all of a sudden Sam is dropping down on one knee and reaching for something that was tucked behind a present.

At this point, I was in such a daze and was so beyond excited about what was happening that I don’t remember anything she said to me! I just started to cry and shake and said “yes! yes! yes!” Thankfully “yes” is a very easy word to say because I couldn’t really manage to get anything else out! My whole family knew this was happening, and she even had her parents (who live two states away) be on Facetime so they could see it happen. I quickly realized the connection between my engagement and my parent’s engagement. I am 20, she is 21. It’s Christmas Eve. My family began a surprise engagement celebration by bringing out a cake and some champagne and sparkling cider.

I love our engagement story. The meaning behind it is heartfelt and it is something I will be proud to tell our children about one day. I am so lucky to be able to marry my best friend!

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