Julia and Elle

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How We Met

(Julia): We met in 2018 on Tinder. Elle doesn’t like to tell people that. So instead she tells people that we met by catching each other’s eye from across Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philly watching a square dance competition… which is actually how our first date ended. But I love that we met on Tinder because I feel like I found a needle in a haystack.

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I asked her if she wanted to meet in public for coffee after exchanging 5 messages back and forth. She found me really sweet after I told some corny dad jokes, and she ended up saying, “you’re in! I’m a ring size 7.” So I brought her a Ring Pop on our first date, and this past weekend, she got her real ring — size 7.

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How They Asked

(Elle): Fast forward – It’s COVID19, and we’ve both been working from home, isolating at home, watching too much Netflix, and eating too much granola, and I have been working very hard at not losing it when she leaves her empty seltzer cans everywhere. I had a feeling the proposal was coming, but I had no idea when. And I was CERTAIN it was not going to be the day that it was! It was the first nice day in a long time, and after being cooped up in the house all week, I had my heart set on going on a long walk together and having a picnic with our dog Frank. She seemed totally normal, nothing out of the ordinary, but I kept extending the plans longer and longer and longer that day. And finally, when she realized we would never be back before she wanted to start her proposal plan, as I was cleaning up some casual dog pee, she said, “Babe, I need you to come here.”

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(Julia): She said,”…right now?” I took her into our guest room where there were 3 brand new dresses on the bed, and I asked her to choose one and get ready. I know that she knew that I was going to propose after that, but she still didn’t know my plan. This plan, mind you, was my “Plan B” thanks to the Coronavirus. My first plan involved going to a lot of places we’ve been and seeing people we love, neither of which we could do right now — but I just could not wait any longer to ask her if she would marry me.

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So we took a walk to the bridge that overlooks the city where a photographer was waiting stealthily across the street to capture the skyline in the background as I popped the question. I read her a poem I wrote her a few days before, got down on one knee, and could barely ask, “Will you marry me?” before she shouted a resounding “YES!” After the proposal, the photographer I hired to capture the moment candidly took us on an engagement photoshoot around our neighborhood. Little did Elle know, there was another surprise waiting for her at home. We ordered dinner from our favorite Italian restaurant, and I played a video I had recorded of her whole family and her friends saying congratulations and we love you.

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(Elle): Needless to say, I was sobbing. She also had put together a book of our lives up until this point (sob 2.0) so we could re-live our beautiful memories and experiences we had been through together up until this point. It was a more perfect day than I ever could have imagined, and the best part was that my now-fiance didn’t care whether the city was open or closed – she just wanted to freakin marry me. And sweet Jesus, I just want to marry her too.

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