Julia and Brittany

Julia and Brittany's Engagement in New York Public Library

How We Met

Brittany and I met 4 years ago on Tinder. We both weren’t looking to find “the one” at that time. I had just gotten out of a complicated situation with an ex and Brittany had recently lost her grandfather. However, from the moment we started talking, we were instantly drawn to each other. The first night we spoke on Tinder, Brittany was watching a King’s hockey game on TV- she was sending me videos of herself yelling at the tv. I thought “this girl is either nuts or a lot of fun”. I found it so refreshing how easy it was to talk to her about anything. We spoke almost daily and a week or two later we went on our first date. Brittany happened to be going star gazing that night in the Santa Monica mountains when I texted to ask her what she was doing, so she invited me along.

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We met at her house and she gave me one of her giant sweatshirts because apparently I wasn’t dressed warm enough for the middle of the mountains on a November night. We had the best time that night and stayed up until almost 5 am watching the stars and talking. We started spending a lot of time together, it just felt natural. She would come, visit me at school at UCLA often (it was about an hour drive for her).

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On Dec. 4, 2015, she asked me to be her girlfriend. Shortly after, we both went to a King’s game together, something we said we would do that first night we were talking on Tinder. Brittany and I moved in together after I graduated college in 2016, and we have since moved from Santa Monica to the NYC area and our family has grown to include 2 dogs and 2 cats. We have traveled together to so many places, and we are so excited to continue our adventures together as fiancés.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York Public Library

How They Asked

On December 10th, 2019 the love of my life, Brittany, proposed to me.

So, our proposal story actually started a few weeks before the actual proposal. Brittany was acting pretty strange and seemed really secretive. We are really bad at keeping things from each other- usually, we can tell something is off right away. I knew Britt was keeping something from me, but a RING wasn’t what I had imagined! I ended up pushing a little too much and I found the ring in her purse. I was in SHOCK, to say the least, and reached out to a couple of my best friends because I just had to tell someone. I was so excited and trying to process the fact that my partner of 4 years could soon be my FIANCÉ! Even though I had found the ring early, I still had no idea when to expect the actual proposal.

Flash forward a few weeks and my friend texted me saying we should get together. She asked me if I was free Tuesday night to get dinner and that some of her coworkers recommended Bryant Park Grill. I was a bit surprised she asked to have dinner on a Tuesday since she usually works late and also has to get up really early, but I was excited to see her so I said yes! I was a bit skeptical but I also knew that the photographer I thought Brittany would use for our proposal didn’t shoot at night, so I brushed off my suspicion. When Tuesday came around, I texted my friend when I was getting off work and updated her throughout my trip into the city (when I got on the Subway, etc.). We agreed to meet at 7:15 pm. She then texted saying we should just meet in the New York Public Library (which is right next to Bryant Park)- I thought this was a bit strange but she said she “wasn’t a fan of the weather” (it was raining) and wanted to wait inside somewhere.

I found my way to the library but first went into the wrong entrance…haha. There was some event going on and they were trying to take my coat. I left and found the main entrance around the corner. After walking through the rotating door, the first person I saw was Brittany standing there in front of a large and beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby. There was a rope trying to block off the area from everyone.

My heart dropped in my chest and I immediately knew what was going on. I went into total shock and I remember I was shaking. There was no way I could have prepared for this moment. She took my hand and lead me to the center of the tree and started talking to me. I couldn’t notice anyone else around us but I did feel so nervous knowing there were people watching us. I heard clicks of a camera and Brittany got down on one knee and asked me to marry her! It was all so surreal and I will never forget the look on her face when she asked me to marry her and then awaited my reply. Of course, I said YES!

We did a bit of a photoshoot with the photographer afterward and went around to a couple of locations in the city- Rockefeller Center and the giant red ornament balls by Radio City. The night was magical and crazy. The happiest part for me was knowing that she was now my FIANCÉ. And I could not stop staring at the ring!

Special Thanks

Gleb Freeman
 | Photographer