Jordyn and Stephanie

Where to Propose in Humpback Rock, Virginia

How We Met

Stephanie and I met in graduate school and we had an instant connection. We were in the same program so we saw each other almost every day. We became best friends and did EVERYTHING together. I had never dated a woman before, so I didn’t realize over the course of our friendship that I was developing romantic feelings for Stephanie. One night, we realized that we both had the same romantic feelings for each other and from that day forward I knew she was the one!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Humpback Rock, Virginia

How They Asked

We always knew that we wanted a double proposal and that Stephanie wanted to be the one to ask first. One day we decided to go to and try on engagement rings to figure out what we both liked. After that day, popping the question was on both of our minds and I knew it wouldn’t be long until we were engaged. Up until this point, I had no idea that Stephanie had already designed my ring with the jeweler. I couldn’t wait any longer to make her my fiancé, so I decided to make an appointment with the jeweler to start designing her ring. Little did I know that Stephanie had been creating my ring around the same time.

Proposal #1: Once I had Stephanie’s ring, I figured I would just hold onto it until she had the opportunity to ask me. I soon realized that I could not wait to ask her to be my wife any longer. One day after work, I came home and just knew it was the right time. It was a normal day and I couldn’t wait to spend every normal day for the rest of my life with her. I am not the best with words so I wrote her a card with everything that I would want to say to her during my proposal. Since it was around Christmas time, she thought I was just giving her an early Christmas present. Once she opened the card, she knew what was happening and she immediately started tearing up. It was such a sweet and intimate at-home proposal. She wasn’t even upset with me that I asked first because we were both so incredibly happy.

Proposal #2: We woke up early on a Saturday morning to go and watch the sunrise in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The spot we originally had wanted to go and watch faced the wrong way. So we kept driving around to find a different spot and happened to end up at the humpback rock trailhead. We had just recently moved to Virginia and heard that hiking Humpback Rocks was something we had to do while we lived here. The parking lot was empty and no one else was around so naturally, we decided to hike it. We weren’t dressed properly or prepared to make the hike, but why not be spontaneous. Once we made it to the top, the view was breathtaking. Stephanie had set up her phone on a rock so that we could take some pictures with the view. She ended up getting down on one knee and proposing!