How She Asked: Jomary and Kristina

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How We Met

Kristina and I (Jomary) have been together for 5 1/2 years. We met a long time ago when she was a DJ and we were both attached. Fast forward a couple of years and now both single, we found each other on Facebook again. Well, I found her in “People you may know”. I made the first move and chatted her up. She asked me out on a date and we closed the place down with our plates untouched. It wasn’t the easiest of beginnings but a couple of dinners and a trip to Puerto Rico later, we were in love.

How They Asked

Kristina planned a trip to New York for us telling me it was my Valentine’s present. We flew into New York April 7th and on the 8th we were to have a special dinner. I was getting ready when she told me she had to go downstairs and check on something. I came out of the bathroom to find a note on top of the desk that said she won’t be coming back and to keep my phone on loud. I started getting notifications from both instagram and snapchat (I’m a social media manager so this alone made my day). These notifications were letting me know what to do next. I went downstairs at 6:20 and there was the limo her instagram post was talking about. I go inside and there is another note. I look on instagram and another clue. We get to the gentleman on the bike that she had posted and he takes me into Central Park. At this point… I was nervous. I knew something was up. We stop at a familiar place. Shakespeare Garden. I started walking and I see her at the top of the hill…

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I go up look to my left and see our best friends. I started crying. It was the perfect place and the perfect people. I had told her on our first trip to New York, we weren’t even a year, that I would like to be proposed there. To top it off, we ended up eating dinner at Tavern on the Green as she knew how devastated I was when I found out it closed a little bit ago.

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Special Thanks

Dan Wright
 | Photographer