Joi and Nicole

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How We Met

A simple night out with friends and loved ones at a heterosexual nightclub turned into a lesbian love story. When we first laid eyes on one another, we both greeted each other with smiles and felt butterflies flying all throughout our stomachs. As the night progressed, all I could think about was how beautiful and how lucky I would be if I could build up the courage to ask her to dance. As soon as I thought I built up the courage to talk to who I felt was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, there were two other gentlemen who attempted to get her attention but failed.

As we both migrated towards the bar, it seemed as though she made her way towards my direction so I took advantage of this opportunity to win my shot with her. I placed my hand on the lower portion of her back and spoke softly into her ear at an intimate distance, “I see you need security tonight, can I be of any assistance?” After that, we both laughed and introduced ourselves and danced the night away after exchanging contact information.

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How They Asked

In July 2016, I informed Joi that we would be taking a vacation for our three-year anniversary to Mexico. She was extremely excited and had no clue a proposal was included in this vacation. We spent 6 wonderful days in Cancun and on the days leading up to the proposal were simply magical. The last night of our vacation was Friday, September 16, 2016, and the entire day from start to finish was more than what anyone could have asked for. The day started with pampering in the spa, Joi got her hair done, makeup done, and when she returned back to our room, she found a beautiful dress, jewelry, and shoes to wear for the evening lying on the bed. I encouraged Joi to be ready and in the hotel lobby by 4pm since we were heading somewhere off the hotel grounds. She was so excited that she was in the lobby by 3:59pm while I ran back to the room to get my wallet. Joi sat down and all the hotel employees were looking and smiling at her with excitement.

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I arranged for the manager to hand deliver this huge long stem rose arrangement it was just magnificent. While Joi was enjoying a cocktail and flowers, I returned to the lobby and informed my queen it was time for our departure. I arranged for Private transportation to and from our destination but of course, Joi was quizzical of our engagements for the evening. She was hoping to have a private dinner on the beach at the Ritz Carlton and she just knew that’s where we were headed. After a 30-minute ride through downtown Cancun, we arrived at a restaurant called the Crab House. We were seated and greeted with champagne. Also, I requested the yacht staff to place all of our belonging on the boat but in secrecy because Joi had no idea how this day would change her life for the rest of her days.

Once we sat for about 5 minutes, the manager escorted us down a boat dock and Joi was looking down the entire time while walking just hoping the heel of her shoe would not get stuck inside the one of the wood planks. Once we arrived, Joi asked, “what is going on and what happened to us having dinner on the beach?” I responded, “No my Queen, we will be having dinner on this yacht.” In total shock, she just smiled from ear to ear not having a clue on the surprise that awaits her. A photographer and videographer were also on the boat and played it off very well by telling Joi the boat was new in Cancun, Mexico, and the owner hired them to take pictures and a promotional video of the boat.

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Joi responded, “oh okay” while still under the impression that nothing was going on other than newly discovered dinner on the yacht.

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Once the boat started to take off, I escorted Joi to the front of the boat, shared some beautiful words reflecting on the past 3 years, got on one knee, and asked Joi to be my wife. In total shock and surprise, Joi cried and did not even say yes right away because she was so stunned.

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After the proposal, I surprised her with a beautiful gold gown including accessories for our engagement shoot.

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The happiness that comes with knowing I have the best future wife anyone can ever have warms my heart and made it easy for Joi to be so willing to spend the rest of her life with me.

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Joi had been waiting for this moment her whole life and to be honest, she thought she would have known when this special moment was approaching and sure enough, I had no idea.

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She said yes to her future and yes to her King. I am so happy and am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my soul mate. We are excited to be planning our spring 2018 wedding together.

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She said, YES!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Dorota Jamal
 | Photographer (Engagement)
Ken Brownlee
 | Videographer (Engagement)
Will Utley
 | Photographer (Photo shoot)