Jo and Jess

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How We Met

We met through work. She was the most outgoing and interesting person on the floor. And I’m not saying that because I’m marrying her. You could ask any person I work with and they would agree. Jessica captures the room without even knowing. I always had a work crush on her but never thought I had a chance. I was the quiet new girl that kept to herself and didn’t know a single person. I remember the first time she spoke to me, we were at the water cooler of all places, cliche, I know. Even though it was just small talk that ensued, I was left, with butterflies for the rest of the day. She was the first to reach out to me, 09/24/17. Asking if I wanted to hang out with some work friends after one of our mandatory work days. I, of course, said yes and drafted one of my training buddies to go with me so I wouldn’t be the loner in the corner. Jessica talked to me all night. I didn’t think anything of it because I am probably the most oblivious person ever. To this day she swears she was flirting! Everything after that day was easy. I fell for her hard and she caught me. She told me that she could see herself falling in love with me after our second date! Most people would run at that point but it felt right with her.

How They Asked

Flash forward a little over a year and we are in the Philippines, island hopping with my family. The scene was set, first sunny day after a week-long typhoon. Bluest skies and even bluer waters. We were in a kayak in this hidden lagoon. She pulls us off to the side and has me close my eyes. At this point, I’m thinking she’s gonna give me a book, which she did. But in the book was this beautiful letter explaining why she was doing what she was about to do.

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Then I look over and she is kneeling in the water with a gorgeous ring and the most amazing smile in the world. I am completely shocked. My first words were “wait, what?!” After some jumbled questions I, of course, said yes. She continues to surprise me, and I don’t know how, but I fall in love more and more every day.

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