Jimalion and Kayana

Jimalion's Proposal in At our apartment

How They Asked

From the first few days that we met, we knew that this was different. We knew that on some cosmic level fate brought us together and we were going to get married. So early on, it was kind of an unspoken agreement. I remember asking her parents for their blessing and each of them saying “what took you so long?!” We have been blessed in that way to have our families so supportive of our love.

Proposal Ideas At our apartment

We went to pick out our rings because we agreed that this was the next step. My ring came in first. And Kay was anxious about finally getting her own. So Jared’s calls me to let me know it finally came in, so I went and picked up her favorite cupcake, and I got her card. That night at home, I officially asked her if she would marry me and as we all know how the story ends….she said yes!