Jillian and Danielle

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How We Met

It was Thursday, May 24th, 2018 – the day that changed my life forever. Danielle and I met at the Post Office Cafe. I wasn’t expecting much to come from it considering we first started talking through the app Bumble. I never thought something serious would come from meeting online, but the second I saw her I knew she was different. Her green eyes and tan skin drew me in instantly and once we started talking there was an indescribable connection. The kind of connection that pulls you together, wanting to be together every second of every day – and that’s exactly what we did. We saw each other for five days in a row. The second day we went out with her friends, I couldn’t believe I was meeting her friends already.

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On the third day, I went to Fire Island because I had previous plans, but she picked me up from the ferry so that we could hang out again that night. On the fourth day, I went to her house and met her parents. On the fifth day, we went to the Riverhead Cider House and Jamesport Brewery. This was also the day she met my parents. After only one week of knowing each other, I knew Danielle was the one and I asked her to be my girlfriend. Most people thought I was crazy to jump into a relationship after only one week and they were right – I was crazy in love with her.

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How They Asked

It was Sunday, May 31st, 2020 – the day I asked Danielle to marry me. I had this day planned in my head for months and I wanted her to be surprised. The plan was to go to Montauk Lighthouse to celebrate our two year anniversary. The year before we went to the lighthouse to celebrate our first anniversary together and I was hoping she would ask me to go again – AND she did! She thought it was her idea to go to Montauk, but little did she know I had something else in mind. When we got there we sat on the beach near the rocks under the lighthouse, where I wanted the proposal to be.

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It was a beautiful day and I was nervously waiting for people to clear off the rocks, so I thought I could make this moment special with just us. The moment came and I asked if she wanted to go for a walk on the rocks by the water. She got up and started walking as I secretly grabbed the ring box from my bag.

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As soon as she turned around I said to her “On this day 2 years ago I asked you to be my girlfriend, but today I am going to ask you to be my wife. Will you marry me?” The tears immediately started rushing down her face as my friends in the background captured this moment for us. It was a perfect day with the perfect girl – my fiancé Danielle.

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Special Thanks

Brittney and Amanda
 | Photographer