Jessika and Eloá

Image 1 of Jessika and Eloá

How We Met

We worked together and we became very friends, very close. We started to realized that it wasn’t just a simple friendship. Eloá had a Eurotrip scheduled and when the day came I was very sad and confused about my feelings. When she was in Paris, she declared herself to me! She said she felt something more! And I sad it was reciprocal. She is the first woman I fall in love and I am the first woman she falls in love with. I waited for her to return to Brazil and since she arrived in April 2018 we’ve been together. She is the love of my life, that’s why I decide to ask her to marry me!

How They Asked

April was the month of our 3rd anniversary and I decided to ask her to marry me. As we couldn’t travel because of the pandemic, I decorated a hotel room and waited for her! Image 3 of Jessika and Eloá

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Image 5 of Jessika and Eloá

She collects mugs and I had the idea to ask a store to write “Will you marry me?” at the bottom of a mug. It was very special! She loved!

Image 2 of Jessika and Eloá

Special Thanks

Thaís Pedrosa
 | Artist