Jessica and Stephanie

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How We Met

Meeting Stephanie was the one thing that saved me. In every way, shape, and form. It truly is the greatest tale ever told. She is and always will be like that first breath of fresh air when you step outside, or like the sun meeting your face as it rises for the day. Sounds cheesy, right? Well, it’s the truth. We met at work where we shared several things in common, mostly how we were trying to figure out our life and what we wanted to do and where we wanted our lives to go. Stephanie stepped in and became the most treasured friend I have ever had and needed. I like to think I did the same for her. We became very close with such a warm connection.

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How They Asked

Fast forward to “the day” Stephanie’s big 2-5 birthday was coming up; she told me her mom was flying in all the way from California to stay with us and celebrate. I was so excited to have her stay with us and have her meet my family. It was the perfect weekend filled with bbq’s, tacos, softball, birthday cake, and family together time. The day after her birthday rolls around, August 25th to be exact, and we had previously planned a normal photoshoot with my best friend Lexi. It was normal for Lexi to come into town and dress me up in the most gorgeous dresses and different clothes, so I thought “hey we will shoot a quick sunset summer photoshoot, then head out to dinner with her mom, Stephanie, and myself) Boy, how wrong was I…

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We get to the most gorgeous lake setting, and Lexi tells me to follow her to her car to change into this gorgeous Cinderella tutu while Stephanie stays with her mom to change her outfit. (Still not thinking anything is different or out of the normal here) I change, and we walk back to meet Stephanie where she is also all changed.

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We walk over to where the sun is setting perfectly over this gorgeous lake we were at, no one else was around; Steph tells me something sweet like “I love you so much babe, and you look so pretty” to which I replied, “well so do you babe and I love you more.” She then looked into my eyes and said: “Babe I need to ask you something..” In my mind, I am wondering, what in the world is so important to ask me right now while we are in the middle of a photoshoot??

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I looked back into her eyes and said “What?” Before I knew it, she let go of my hand, and got down on one knee and asked me “babe, will you marry me?” I instantly melted and my heart exploded and I literally said to her “Are you for real? Is this serious?!” To which she replied, “Yes babe, yes, it is” OF COURSE I said yes, through sobbing and shaking tears, all while Lexi shot the whole thing (700 photos to be exact).

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I could not believe the love of my life and the very best friend asked me to marry her and spend our life together; it was a dream come true, no, it was better than any dream ever imagined.

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