Jessica and Laura

how they asked

Being raised in Joshua Tree, Jessica always comes alive when we visit home. I wanted this to be a magical spot to begin our journey of spending our lives together, and this was the clear location to do so. With the help of her closest friends, we devised a plan to have a New Years Eve party that was in actuality a surprise engagement party. Jessica’s close friend, Deanne, convinced Jess that she wanted portfolio shots of us in the national park, and because we were getting dressed up for the party later we could go in our classy outfits.

All of us except Jessica were filled with nerves and electric excitement driving into the park. Joshua Tree is an exquisite beauty. This New Year’s Eve day was no exception as it was covered in snow! A rare occasion even for those who live there.

After some photos together, we sat in an area of blankets and cushions set out for us. Our anniversary wine was there waiting for me to open and I did so with shaky hands. This was only to be opened for momentous occasion and I could tell by the look in her eyes this was dawning on her. After pouring us each a glass I took out our special memory photo book and read her a letter I had written there. With tears in our eyes I got to my knee and opened the ring box. I managed to get out “will you marry me, Jess?” and she said YES!!

It was by far the best day of my life!!

Special Thanks

Thru Deez Lens
 | Photography
Joshua Tree National Park
 | Location
Alexis Russell
 | Jewelry
Municipal Winemakers
 | Other
 | Apparel
 | Hair Stylist