Jessica and Hope

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The proposal took place at Hope’s eldest sisters house.

How We Met

The somewhat short, sweet and perfect version of how I’m stuck in love: So I moved 2,000 miles away from where I grew up after 17 years, I immediately started looking for a job, I find one. I wasn’t quite looking for a guy but I find one of those as well. He comes with a kid and unique lifestyle so after a while, you just know when you’re with the one. So I left that relationship and had to go find HER. She happens to be the Aunt of my ex-boyfriend’s child. Love is definitely something you can’t ignore and I’m so lucky I have it and her every day.

Jessica and Hope's Engagement in The proposal took place at Hope’s eldest sisters house.

How They Asked

October 31, 2016: I only remember two things. The first, everything during that whole day wasn’t going as planned and second, it was the best day of my life. It was simple and perfect. Hope with the help from her brother made me a video of our life till that date including pictures from back home of the words will you marry me written in the sand at the beach (California beaches are my heaven) amongst a million other great photos and memories flying by on a screen playing a cheesy proposal song just like I dreamed. Followed by her on her knee and a beautiful ring in a beautiful box and you’re probably like what? A beautiful box? What was it in? It was in a plain little silver ring box but I remember it looking like the most beautiful little box holding the biggest promise I’ve always wanted to make.