Jessica and Chloe

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How We Met

We actually grew up in the same small hometown but never really associated with each other until we met one day at a yoga class. What started as occasional coffee dates and walks in the park, turned into something more. And well.. the rest is history!

How They Asked

My sister was visiting home from BC so Jess and I took a long weekend vacation in order to spend time with her. On Sunday morning, Jess informed me that she got called into work and would have to leave – I was really disappointed. After spending the day with my sister and cousin, I got back to the cottage with a note on my bed saying get dressed and to meet her on the beach. Confused, I followed her orders (still thinking she was at work).

When I finished getting ready, I headed down to the beach to meet her. There she was in the prettiest of dresses. She said she had a surprise for me and took me around the point. There, floating in the water, was a rowboat filled with blankets, pillows and a picnic basket! She told me she bought me a rowboat and wanted to take me out on the water. It has always been my DREAM to own my very own rowboat – and here it was!

We started rowing along the beach and cliffs. It was a beautiful evening! It wasn’t until we started coming around a big cliff that I saw the first sign.. and then the second.. As she continued to row, they read “Chloe Will You Marry Me”. Thats when she got down on one knee, asked me to spend the rest of my life with her, and gave me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. And of course I said yes!

One of the best parts was that she hired a photographer to capture the entire moment. We will have those memories forever! The evening finished off with a big surprise engagement party that she had planned with all our family and it truly was the best day of my life! And the catch? I had already bought an engagement ring for her too :)

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