Jessica and Brandy

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How They Asked

Brandy and I had plans to meet in Greensboro nc to go to Disney on ice. At least that’s what I thought but little did I know a lot of people in my life were a part of the surprise proposal. Brandy even spoke with two of my managers to make sure I was off. I made it to the hotel where I thought we were meeting and Brandy’s car was outside. She sent me a text message that said go to the front desk and tell them your name (the front desk also knew what was going on) I just figured Brandy was already upstairs. The lady at the desk gave me an envelope with a card that said “here’s a key, use it” with the room number and a key card was also in the envelope.

I go up to our room and open the door and the first thing I see is rose petals all over the floor and bed with another card that said “put this dress on (the dress was also hanging in the room with new shoes that I forgot to even wear because I was panicking) and text me when you’re ready” so she sent an address which was about twenty minutes away… I got to the location which was a castle wedding venue I had been looking at online and wanted to tour the venue.

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Brandy’s friend Kayla met me in the parking lot and escorted me inside the castle where brandy had a table decorated with a chair and laptop… watch the video to find out the rest ;)

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